Hellraiser grows Cherry Ice Cream clones, Jacks vs Advanced Nutrients, making feminized seeds

Aside from the nutrients, this newbie can never avoid the simplicity of your grows really.

If I SEE instead of looking, I SEE 4 plants, 4 fans, maybe 4 light boards (guessing) and that means lots of quality time/ingredients for the “children”…

THAT is a result of experience and knowing ones limitations; including ones equipment.

I cannot overstate it, but that’s my goal.


I have done it both ways. With my first coco grow with Zkittlez, I waited til the top of the coco had some dryness to it (light brown color) before watering, kinda treating it like soil but not letting it dry out as much as I would in potting soil. Then on my 2nd coco grow with Banana Kush, I went with keeping the coco moist at all times. Both ways worked fine but I liked keeping the coco moist a bit better, easier to manage the amount of water going in and getting the amount of runoff I want and I think the plants do a little better with a constant level of moistness which I believe keeps the coco ppm/EC at a more consistent level as ppm/EC goes up as the coco gets dry.

But even with the 1/2 gal a day, at the plants current size, the coco is not water-logged and is considerably lighter the next morning but not to the point of any dry coco at the top.


In the 7 gallon that I don’t think I will do again for some time, I kept it moist. Every third watering I went to run off. Did it today. Took about 20 gallons.



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I’m trying to think of something that I could say that won’t get me kicked off for saying something inappropriate. So I’m writing this instead.


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I am learning a lot from this and other threads of yours, thank you!!!


Fit my whole 5 gallon pot harvest in a solo cup… Thanks for putting me to shame lol


How’s your grove bags working out? I had a couple of the 1 oz zippers come unglued opening it up, not getting rid of my mason jars yet!


Uh oh! Hopefully this is something they will fix… If these bags are truly as good as they claim, then I hope they can keep QC up to stick around… I know I won’t be buying if they unglue like that.


Hang in there, it gets better the more you grow.


Is this a seed?


Most definitely


So what is recommended? Its my first grow and I’m literally a few weeks away from harvest. This is such a downer. I’ve been trying so hard to keep the humidity down and it seems like i have failed :disappointed: :sleepy:.

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This can happen from a number of reasons, not just humidity which leads to bud rot. Check your grow space for any light leaks. Sometimes you can do everything right, and this still happens. What strain and seedbank?


One was banana kush, super silver haze, and zkittles. I have a gorilla glue that looks to be ok i have separated her but have no place to put her cause the tent is full of hermies. Should I still just let them grow? Or should I cut em down?

This I don’t know unfortunately… @imSICKkid @Covertgrower any input here?

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More that likely only 1 went hermie on you and knocked up the other plants(ahem…zkittles…) If it happened to me I would let them finish. If I found the male parts on 1 plant, I would pitch those seeds in the trash and just use the bud how ever I wanted. I would save the seeds from the other plants try them and see how they do. It is up to you but used to be that all the weed we got when I was a young man had seeds. That is why we had album covers, to clean weed on.


The damage is already done now. So I would just stay the same. If a plant hermied it’s usually toward the bottom of the plant in a low lit area.