Hellraiser Cloning

Nice cloning!


Yes very nice! No die back at all… looks very healthy.


Thank you.


I’m a cloneaholic and need help! Lol


I don’t see a problem here lol


@Hellraiser If I can bug you to absorb some of your clone insight and knowhow…

I was gifted two clones, I’m not sure how long this person had them but their state leads be to believe it’s been a while. They’re leaning and stretching and all they had available was kitchen window light. The owner of the clones never wanted em, but took care of them in terms of watering and best lighting possible- I guess til they found a grower ?

Okay: they obviously need light. But I don’t want them in my tent until I know they’re safe. They did have bugs on them (subsequently doused with Captain Jack’s dead bug) - no signs of life now. They have some algae or something growing in the cup, since they got housed in Clear(ish) plastic and have no shield from the light.

The question is- do I need to get them out of the existing soil (and if so how)? Or can I simply repot them into larger containers surrounded with some great white and FFOF and pretend like the algae isn’t there?

And this one, I think I know the answer but I’ll verify. Strip the lower leaves and then bury it up as far as I can to encourage the stretched stem to turn itself into roots when I do re-pot them?


I would just transplant into larger pots, the algae won’t be a problem and will die off when the light (due to clear cups) is taken away.

Yeah plant it deeper to get rid of some of the stretch.


Thanks a million. :sparkling_heart:


Keep treating a little while longer for pests too… remember that some pests lay eggs and even though you kill the moms and dads, the eggs can hatch and become an even bigger problem. So the key is to identify the pests and research their life cycle


Very fine point. They looked like tiny aphids.

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Ive had a terrible battle with aphids this year! Worst ever! This poor Lebanese plant has been attacked continuously.


Any good suggestions to keep them at bay for indoor growing? I assume they just came from outdoors.

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Well I wish I could say that safers soap might help… maybe? It didnt do anything to stop them this year. Had to tie the plants to the roof and spray with a firehose nozzle on a garden hose. Knocked most of them off. It made a big difference.


So I just checked my cuttings (day 7) and not rooting yet. I measured pH and much to my chagrin it read 6.7. I know that I pH’d water at 5.8. All I added was clonex solution and clear rez.
Any thoughts as to why the pH is so high? Water temp was around 78 deg F
Should I re-adjust pH?

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Oh and I pH’d after I added the clonex solution and clear rez.

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Yep readjust ph, it always drifts up over time.


Thank you sir!


? If you adjust with Ph up to start, then after a few days the Ph goes extremely high can you add Ph down? Or will that cause a problem?