Hellraiser Cloning


Don’t give up.



Yep, cloning is easy, just have to find a method that works for you. My first attempt at using the aerocloner bucket was complete failure, followed the wrong advise from the internet. Thought I had to keep the water cold (under 70F) so I followed advise about using frozen water bottles to keep the water colder, but all that opening up the bucket and swapping in and out the water bottles a couple times a day just let bad pathogens/bacteria in and I ended up with rotting cuttings and stinking water.

I don’t give up though and tried another method, the sterile method that doesn’t care about water temp. So sanitized my cloner, got some Clear Rez to keep the water free from pathogens and bacteria and boom, constant success since then.


Day 10 no sign of roots

Im cutting from holy punch fem

So far i put the jiffy to soak in water with rhizotonic(canna)

Cut clones and put in a glass with water

When i have all the cuttings i take each one and cut it again with an angle, dip it into cloning gel (cutting edge), cut the lower nodes, trim the biggest leafs and put it in jiffy until the first node!
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I tried some old ones of these

First batch where 12 clones from which one is still not rooting but isn’t death either(26 days) . It is the one standing outside in the first pic.

I fumbled alot with the first batch and i know I’m to blame for it’s failure.

I’m keeping them warm with the heated propagator and the dome, humidity inside is high 90 %

they are in the shade from the light 18/6 with the autos and the mother.

I only opened the dome, to mist water for the first week daily, I didn’t touch then until yesterday.


That in itself is not a real concern, give them more time as there could be roots starting but they haven’t made it to sides or bottom yet.

Got a lot more leaves than needed and that increases the transpiration and moisture requirements. I remove all leaves except a couple small ones at the top of the cutting and if not in a aerocloner, I cut down the leaves that I didn’t remove.

Kinda like this

Not a fan of peat pods though for cloning or seed sprouting, they can be easy to keep too wet which can hinder the rooting process. Would recommend rapid rooter or root riot plugs over peat pods, will get a much better success rate. An aerocloner of some type would give you the best success rates.


“I imagine an aerocloner seller would say that…”

Is it just me or is this frase hard to say very quickly many times over without laughing

Seriously I’ve looked at them, they are expensive.

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Speaking of aerocloners, bought a new one to play with.

The Clone King 25 site


LOL, yep. All depends on how important cloning is to ya, the guys I’ve got on to aerocloners are happily cranking out clones whenever they want. If budget is a problem, I’d consider the root riots or rapid rooters.

The aero-cloning bucket cost me like $50 years ago and I just spent like $88 on the Clone King 25 - got it on ebay.


Agree hellraiser, I bought the oxycloner following your journal it doesn’t come any easier 2 weeks and your ready to transfer to solo cup at 100% success, bravo hellraiser!


I’m more the diy type of person.
i have seen some stuff in this thread, mimiking an aero cloner.
is it worth the tupper?

Or should i go directly into earth?

the mother recovered well and is ready to give me new clones…

Heck i have so many pods and the mother is giving of so many clones i will just keep trying… And eventualy find a way…

Might keep you posted.


I bought the Clone king 25 right around thanksgiving. I’ve had a 100% success with it so far. As a matter of fact, I have clones in it right now, all with roots, ready to be transplanted this weekend.


3rd attempt…

30 min later

As you might see i cut and prepared another 11 clones, i cut them as sugested, rootgel and into the medium, i have 4jiffy, 4eazy plug, and 3 earth.

My oldest clone died…

none of them 2. Badge touched the dome after planting. One does so now…


Oh man. I can’t wait to see how you use it. I used the clone x and clear Rez as you recommended. Worked beautifully. I got 100% success and had never used it before.


I’m a noob. So for what it’s worth. I use gel after I dip into powder. In my opinion use a cloner. Much better cloning success.


I recently built a diy cloner. It’s pretty simple and cheaper than most kits I’ve seen. It also works very well.

I’m going to add a couple nozzles to get a little more spray to the corners, but I’m happy with it


Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen the video on this. Tempted! What do you figure your total cost was if you dont mind my asking? :+1::v:


Nice DIY cloner!


To duplicate, I’d guess around $75. I used an eco 296 pump, which is $29 local and the tote was like $17 with a coupon.


If you use an aerocloner the gel and powder just ge washed off anyways. Best to add the growth hormone to the water itself. You dont really even need it. It just helps increase root production a bit better.


Thank you kindly.

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