Hellraiser Cloning

Yes The cooking show. @kdawg. How are you?

I think I’m good with the seeds I think it was a male ball sack that caused a problem not a banana and if so that’s what pollinated the other plants then that makes them feminize. I have some cones going they’re not from those plants but the ones that I have under the big lights are going to be very big. The three smaller ones I have with the bigger girls or the ones from those seeds they’re already showed me signs of females


@Hellraiser @BigHuff2316 @kdawg @Shaggy I hope that the seeds are ok. I really want that strain to work . They are so healthy they grow so fast their stocks are as big as around as my finger that’s pretty impressive to me for any kind of plant. I do believe the genetics are there I just believe that one that I took all the clones off of I really strip the plant down to nothing and tried to bring it back and it produce pollen sack Now this is what I’m believing. If that is the case then my seeds are OK because they did not Hermie. None of these plants that the seeds come from didn’t hermie. The one plant did it.

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Root trimming helps slow down growth and keeps the pot from getting too root-bound, also allows for a nice amount of fresh soil replacement.


I changed them out. Even in the bigger pots an add holes. I try and use the best soil. Happy Frog.

I couldn’t find anything the containers that I have was all that I could find. Even the grow stores were out of them. To be honest I haven’t used the material bags but I do like growing out of 5 gallon buckets

I’m holding up ok. Laying low and watching the ladies grow.:+1:

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Thank you kindly for this journal.
This guide has seriously let me understand how to clone, reveg plants and given me pointers on the leds. Sweet. Used hps before.
This is what it gave me. Pictures below.
More clones then I know what to do with, and the know how on trimming roots to keep a mother plant. Reading that one about 100 times before trimming. I know it’s all good but out of my comfort zone.
Picture of clone that gave me the business.

Clone tent.


When you do the root trimming do you upside your pot at that time or just place fresh soil at the bottom of the original pot replacing what you cut off.?

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Nice job on the cloning, glad to be of help.


They go back into the same pot after root trimming, with some fresh soil on the bottom and sides.


So do you think I’m waisting my time with these plants? The ones that seeded on me. The seeds they produced.

Not if you want the seeds

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Some how the the plants got pollen from a plant I was cloning of of. None of the plants that got seeds hand any bananas at all. What I worried about is the seeds worth growing. I already have plants from them. 3 are in the flower stage. Two are showing that they are females. Am i waiting time with these plants? Have more than that. But still in veg stages. @kdawg @BigHuff2316 @Hellraiser

So your saying the plants what be worth the effort?

these are clones off a female. these are from the plants that had seeds. And I have three in the flower stage two are showing hairs.


Apart from the seeded plants and do or don’t I how do you get to the toilet in a hurry :thinking:?
I think your plants and seeds be fine.

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I had to do something. I had ones that I need to flower. The tent thing wasn’t blocking the lights 100% when I first flipped them. So I put them in there. Have another restroom. Lol


I’m worried. I heard so many stories. I just don’t want a bunch of hermies. I think I will be fine. It’s got me stressed. I don’t want to waist money or time on something that’s going to be hemie. Don’t need the problem. Years ago you did worry about that. The seeds you regrow could have all been hemies. Idk

I have 3 now that are four weeks and 4 feet tall. Monsters. And 2 nice big bushy ones. They are in the first week of flower. They are females and the clones are also. If the seeds from the the ones the got seeds. They where 4. One stressed from clones and changing the lights cycle way to much. Cause my seed problems. I just need to hear some hope.

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Cool. I didn’t see the post. I think you.

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