Hellraiser Cloning

@HellraiserMerry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Maybe they will make it

My four clone mothers .I’m trying to keep them small .They are not cooperating. This strain is fighting reveg , even at 18/6. I’m getting 5,3,and 1 segment leaves


My Blue Dream #1 took a month to reveg.

New growth, still very slow but at least it is happening


That’s real nice.

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Trimmed my clone mothers way back this morning, not planning on any clone runs for at least 6 months, have to finish the Zkittles seed run and then Banana Kush seed run, then will do a round of Cherry Ice Cream clones, so just got to keep them alive and healthy. The Cherry clone mother has been in that pot for almost a year at this point. Will do a root trim and soil replacement on her in a week or 2.


Will be getting rid of the Cherry Bubba Kush clone mother for the same reason I got rid of the Bubba Kush clone mother last year - likes to hermie a little. Was hoping that trait would not follow in the cross seed but it did, so it’s out of here. I don’t keep clone mothers that produce genetic hermies. The weed was very good, but not as good as the Cherry Ice Cream so no great loss.


Just want to say thanks for sharing all the above! :+1:


You’re welcome, my pleasure.


@Hellraiser I didn’t know I could cut them back like that . I thought it would kill them


They are very resilient and can take quite a trimming/cut back, I do that to them every couple weeks to keep them small. Just have to leave some growth tips so new branches can grow.


Like bonzai trees


Sounds a bit the same but bonzai trees have there roots trimmed too I believe. Great what you can do with a cannabis plant hay.

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I have seen pictures in high times where people keep them for several years ago. It was over seas.


I do that as well, regular root trimmings


Looks like a chunk of chocolate cake you are serving up!


A little off the bottom and sides and ready to repot in fresh soil.


@Hellraiser. Ok I did two things wrong. I had plants in flower stage with a bug light on at night. A few times. Ok I had another plant that I thought was a female but I think it put out a male flower. All this in the same room. I never seen bananas on any of the plants. But the one I think also may have been male or both. But all of this was because of me stress them out. Are the seeds any good?

The plants look nice. The seeds are good. I know the one I stressed out never was under a good light cycle. I never seen any flowers on the buds or the the one I stressed did look like it dropped some powder. If the seeds where produce because of stress would they still be worth growing. I see signs of flowers on two of them now. @BigHuff2316 and @Hellraiser

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