Hellraiser Cloning

Here I will talk about everything to do with cloning and keeping mother clones.

Please keep any questions here on the subject of cloning.

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To make a clone of a plant, we start by taking a cutting from the plant. These are usually lower branches or even small sucker branches that grow from larger branches.


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Just cut off any lower branches and remove the larger leaves and recut bottom of stem at 45 degrees and ready for your cloning method.


First method I will be using is an aero-bucket cloner. The one I have is called an octocloner, cost like $50 from amazon a few years ago. This method will work for all aeroponics type cloning machines as they all work the same way.


Getting the aero-cloner setup and ready to go. First step is to clean it. I do a 8 hour run with hot water, cup of bleach, and a little dish soap, rinse out, fill with 4 gallons of RO water, add 25ml of Clear Rez and 80ml of CloneX cloning solution, set ph to 5.6-5.8.


Then get your cuttings and place them in the collars with about an inch of stem below the collar. Notice the 45 degree cut on the bottom.


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Then place the collars in the machine and let it run.

With this setup, there is no misting, no domes, no daily intervention required. Only need to add more Clear Rez every 5 days to keep the water solution clean and sterile. We are using the sterile method here so we don’t have to keep the water cold. Water temps will stay about 75-78F with the water pump inside the aero bucket running 24/7. If you are doing this in a cold place, you can also use a small fish tank heater set to 75 so it doesn’t get too cold.


Any root dip solution? How about trimming leaves?

How about distilled water or I have access to free water that is 200ppm and I’d need to drop the ph a tad? Obviously no need for clone gel? Ty

Don’t need clonex gel or anything like, everything you need is in the clonex cloning solution. Don’t need much leaf trimming with this method either as the humidity from the machine keeps the cuttings well hydrated.


Either RO, distilled, or even tap water would be fine, set ph to 5.6 - 5.8. No gel needed.


Just read your post elsewhere you mentioned a friend using a dome tray, root riot plugs and clonex gel & mist. I have 2/3 of that on hand. You able to briefly cover that method? And btw amazon still lists your cloner. It’s now $70 w/shpg. Thanks again!


After 10-14 days, the cuttings should be nicely rooted.

Just plant in soil, add some myco if you want

Planted clones


OK, how about not buying a aero cloner and doing it the cheapest way possible? Let’s do straight to potting soil.

Get your cutting

Remove the large leaves, recut the bottom at 45 degrees and dip the end in the Clonex gel.

Then just plant in the cup, cup should have drain holes

Cuttings need humidity, the only time you’ll ever see me using a dome. I did cut a couple holes at top of cup so they will get a little fresh air but want to preserve the humidity to keep cutting from drying out too much before roots develop.

Use a little tape to secure dome to bottom cup and put clear cup in non clear cup and find a nice shady place to put it, like under this Gorilla solo cup challenger. Will need to add more water/clonex solution when it gets light and dry, other than that, just leave it alone. Should have good roots by 2 weeks.


Is the potting soil type important?

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Not really, any decent potting soil will do.