Hello there, a little help please

Hello all!

First off thanks all for having such a great resource here. I have been lurking for awhile trying to take in as much info as possible. I am a first time grower and seem to be running into problems. When I first got these 6 beauties they were in some trouble to begin with. Root bound, under watered, and likely a deficiency or two also. I have been doing my best to play father nature. For the most part they seem to be doing ok… growth seems good, But I am starting to yellowing and changes in the whole plant.

I brought them home in a 1 gallon air pot in a coco mix. I transferred them two a 2 gallon Hercules pot for 2 weeks and then to a 5 gallon Hercules pot. they are now in a organic potting soil that I cut with 20% perilite. Drainage seems good. Can some please have a look at the pics below and give me some feed back.

Last two or three readings on PPM was 690 In and 800 ish out ph of 6.2. Then a few days after transplanting to a 5 gallon after watering with a PPM of 286 runoff was at 920 ph of 6.5. Next watering PPM runoff was 400 and ph of 6.1. The next feeding went in at 694 and come out at 896 ppm and PH at 6.6.

Strain; Death Buba

Soil in Hercules pots

System type? NA

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Last PH was 6.6

What is strength of nutrient mix? Emerald Harvest 2 Part week 4 of Veg + Calmag


Light system, size? 315 watt CMH 3100k Philips Bulb

Temps; Day time 75-82 Night time 64-72

Humidity; 50%-70%

Ventilation system; 4" Can Fan with a 4 " Can filter

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, NA

Thank you so very much in advance for any help that can be thrown my way.


i believe this is normal ,reamber if ur nutions going in is ppm 600 and and after a few days its up to 900 ppm means they are drink more water and leaving the nutions ,and same with ph now i do hydro and not to sure about soil , also when in veg stage they love nitgen , temp should be between 60-80 humidity 50-60 , u might look at some cal-mag looking a little yello on the leaves

Smoke welcome , your not the only one with problems , to me that is how you learn and I have increased my yeld by double since coming on this site , I leave it up to the Vets here to answer your questions , everything dont look to bad so far.:grinning:

Thanks for the reply! Yes on the calmag. Using it as we speak. Using the recommended does 5 ml per gallon of water. I also did a foiler feed with calmag @ 0.3 ml to 500 ml water. They got a lightspary before bed time 3 days ago.

the book recommends not using full strength according to instructions on the label ,reamber the manufacturer wants to sell as much as possible, especially when they are small , sometimes less is better ,if instructions say 10m per gal use 5-8 per gal u can always adjust from there

You bet. I started of with nutes at 1/2 strength. Its been a short time at running at full strength.

your on the right track , reamber the nitrogen they love it in veg stage

Would there not be enough nitrogen in the current nutes that I am running?

When you transplanted , did you wash off the coco ? Or did you leave root ball In tact and put into a bigger container with the organic soil?
It looks like you have enough nutrients but I think your ph is off and locking them out … if your still in veg , try to bump the ph up to 6.5 , 6.7 somewhere in that range should start to unlock your nutrients…
Coco likes a ph of 5.5 but that’s not what I would recommend… vegging plants like a ph of 6.4 to 6.8 during flower 5.6 to 6.2 … you should be safe in those ranges… :wink:


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Ah yes that makes sense for sure why the ph would come out a a little high. Tonight is a feed night. But maybe I should just water and get that ph where it needs to be. If current ph is at 6.5 water with a ph of 7 or so should bump it up a little higher ??

No I left the coco on as it all came out as a whole and I didn’t want to disturb the roots so I left it alone.

I would water with 6.8…
You should always water with your target ph… :wink:
Because of the mixture in your pots , your girls will be fussy but you will be able to get them to harvest , your just going to have to play with your ph every now and then… pain in the butt … but no big deal… :wink:


Looks like magnesium issue, you’re stems are really purple which indicate magnesium or phosphorous deficiency, maybe a little of both.

If you just transplanted to fresh organic soil, and you’re still in veg, I’d say hold back on the nutes, but go ahead with root developers, plant strengtheners, micronutes, or any non-nitrogen supplements or nutes. Or, you could do a mini flush to get rid if some of the excess from your soil. Those excess nutes are what’s raising your run-off ppm, b/c your plants already have plenty to eat.

Also, try to keep your in/out pH as close to 6.5 as you can. If your soil is hot & you keep adding nutes, chances are your run-off pH will stay slightly more acidic than is ideal.

Sometimes hot soil & janky pH can cause issues that look like burns or deficiencies.