Hello. Should I pull it? That’s what all the girls say?

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Looking good , when you repot I would back fill up on the stem bit and she’ll be fine.

Seems like I have grown a leaf. Better be a big mutha​:joy::australia:

She will
Keep going.

Cheers guys. Threw another bean in glass just in case. Stay well

A man who thinks on his feet, that’s just smart. Looks like she’s stretching, take care of it when u transplant. That’ll show her who’s boss​:v::alien:

Get a fan blowing on it - that will strengthen those stems in no time

Yep she did stretch first couple days light lower now. But I just can’t see where she will grow from. There’s this lump on side like something should of happened node or two back. More pics

9days above today.

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If she grows, thats where she would…

That’s it though. Ever had a weird one like it? Topping at 1st node??? Think it might be problem child but let her go out of interest. Cheers mate. Be good.

The lump has sprouted out the side. Freak

what a freak show :smiley: is there something growing out of the stem of the leaf???

Seems to be

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My last post was “What the heck is up with this plant” but then felt like I was going to come across as an ass lol. Very strange indeed!

Here’s what my freak decided to do. What do you reckon???