Hello, just saying hi

Hi there everyone thought I’d start a thread about myself. Well I’ve done two outdoor grows just using bag seed and I think I’ve done pretty well

. These photos from my first grow. I’m a gardener in my work life so these are so enjoyable to grow! Although I don’t smoke, just the misses does so I grow for her! I just got my seeds from ilgm the heavy hitters mix pack but won’t sow till near end of July as winter is here! Is there any thing different I should do with these good seeds? When I plant I use plenty of compost and I use Kina juice I make myself! It’s good using things that come from the ocean in my eyes! And the plants love it! Any tips would be awesome


Well hello!
I grow my wonderful plant indoors however I know @Mrcrabs has some wondeful outdoors growing experience. Happy growing! :innocent:


Hi, @anon78295680, welcome to the forum. It looks like you’re doing an amazing job! If you ever have a question just tag someone and we’ll try to answer it.


Beautiful girls! @anon78295680 I am an outside grower as well! and I have been gardening for 53 years! Welcome and hello!

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Might need to pick your brains now and then if that’s ok, this was my 2ndgrow.

I did no pruning to this one as wanted to see what would it turn out like, first years grow we harvested too early ,This years left till ready and was a better smoke I got told.this one still had weeks to grow since this photo was taken


Hello my friend ,One tip I can give you, dont stop what ever your doing, those plants wonderful.


You’re doin it right in my eyes! Very nice! and you are asking us to help! BTW I don’t pinch, break whatever and I get those great colas like you will getting! Go natural! @anon78295680


The only reason I pinched the first grow was I didn’t want it to grow over the fence wanted it to grow sideways aswell although i had to build the wall taller and still had to tie down, last year I sowed the seed abit later so wouldn’t grow to tall…the first year I sowed ten seeds only two were female two hermies and rest were male, those ones got turned into edibles and lotions


Welcome @anon78295680
Beautiful ladies looks like you can teach us a thing or two glad to have you with us and happy growing

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Beautiful girls! Welcome to forum!!

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@highcountrygal @raustin. @Mrcrabs. @FNG101v2. @Laurap. Hey there question for you guys and girls, I cloned one of my clones and I’m trying to grow it thru the winter in my shed, iv been pulling off all the small buds , I’m not sure what strain it is but it’s a good one and be a shame to lose it. I don’t have lights as I grow outside it’s just in my shed by the window , It’s not looking to good , I have been given it feed trying to keep it alive

Any ideas?

I think it needs more light. You haven’t seen any pests, have you?

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Haven’t seen any pests, would it be better inside the house ? Would be warmer but unsure it would get more light…

I assume you’re in the southern hemisphere if it’s winter. The problem is not only the quality of the light, but also the number of hours of light the plant is now getting, which is only going to get less as you get to the winter solstice. Can you get some kind of lighting for her?


Would a simple table lamp be any good? Better then nothing?

If you change the bulb to a CFL full spectrum it will help.

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would this be any good ? https://hydronz.co.nz/shop/lighting/2ft-t5-fluorescent-fixture-4-x-24w/


Yes, that would work well, it would certainly keep her alive through the winter.

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Would I need to make a grow box or would putting it in a closet be good? Or just hanging above plant be sufficient? And how long would the lights need to be on? I read someone saying 12/12. Or 16/8?

Total newbie for using lights tbh

A closet would be great. Since you want to keep this plant vegging, you should keep the light on 16/8. If you want to flower it then go with 12/12.

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