Hello guy's, it sure is good to be back

Wow what a messed up year and a half . They finally got the internet ran far out enough into the sticks and I sure have missed the support friendship and knowledge everyone shares on the site . Got 3 grows in since I was here last . We are going to be a recreationally legal state in July so I am really looking forward to my buy 10 get 10 Bruce Banner’s to so show up . Not even sure who all is still here @latewood
@garrigan62 @Hogmaster @ktreez420


Garrigan passed away in January. Latewood is here, hogmaster is banned for life.

Welcome back!


Good to see you. I have also been away from this forum, and almost didn’t come back. I just started my summer grow, and started a new journal. I miss the discussions and social networking, after being a hermit for a year.


@Myfriendis410 I am surprised how my stomach feels at hearing that kind of like someone punched me in it . Im so sorry for the loss of a fellow mentor I know some of them get very close . I hope it was peaceful. I hope Hogmaster is doing well in whatever he is doing . Sure is good for me to be back . I actually got a warning from latewood for oversharing once . I have been very careful since then . This is to valuable a resource to mess up .


Mine was a forced year off since I moved to a small farming community and my only choice was satellite service that ( in my opinion) was way to expensive and my phone only worked in the yard for even a call. I’m not very good at diagnostics when something has a issue so this was a very valuable resource for my confidence


How do you get banned for life lol. And does it count if he makes another account? And you know it’s him? Just curious haha


Well welcome back. Im newer to the gtoup but love the hobby or sport as i call it because it is never a dull moment with a house full of females lol.


Good to meet you and thanks for the welcome . Yeah growing has become kind of just a lifestyle for me I guess you would say . I pretty much have a perpetual grow with either clones or new beans starting 3 or 4 weeks before harvest of every grow. I got tired of running out and have family and friends I try to keep in some smoke. It should get easier our Governor just signed a new law to take effect so I’m good for 4 plants a grow now . I am super with my neighbors they all either smoke grow or are hermits and you never see them . One ( my favorite neighbor ) has a organic farm she supplies local stores from and i get to use a corner of her greenhouse for propagation

Well my warning came from being stupid and sharing a link for free samples that ended up being a kind of security risk from your neighbors knowing you grow or your mailman ups driver etc. The free promos that showed up on my front porch had marijuana leafs on the box . When I answered a knock on my door the Pastor who was my neighbor at the time was standing next to it reading the lable. Pretty much the site has to pretty strict or people will start peeing in the sand box and ruin the feel goods that so many return for . We are people after all and people are the main reason I live 25 miles from town .my town only has about 375 people and they all live in one spot about 5 miles away with a small gas/general store and fruit stand real town is a hike

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Welcome back good luck - pictures please

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Actually would have to go back through some of my old posts to get pics . The thread ( Bud porn ) and my grow journals as I dumped my old pics from my phone . The early bud of the month contests have my best pics . I was retired from being able to compete as the first 3 time winner (Something I am still very proud of ) and just sort of lost interest in taking photos . The brotherhood of being able to chat with like minded stoners is my enjoyment anymore

Welcome back I am in the old dominion state also this place ilgm hasn’t changed much I kind of remember you and growing keeps evolving 5 years from now we will be growing no trim canabuis and I will be tagging the ladies this July 1 also welcome back and happy growing :v:


@sparky66 good to be back and say it ain’t so I use my trim for butter . Then I would have to grind twice as much buds to add . Lol that would be nice in truth . Thanks for the welcome

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Hey is @AnneBonny still on the forum ? If so how’s it going ? Hope all is well , you still have the best screen name on here

Hey @Myfriendis410 dm me when you get a chance I have a question about starting a thread of my own with a warning at the top so it doesn’t offend people with a meme they don’t like. Sorry about that I didn’t know memes about politics were taboo I thought it was cussing ,nudity , and being a general jerk that was not allowed not having a different opinion and was wondering if that is for my threads also

On an open forum just exercise discretion. Within reason you can say anything you want on your journal. If you want a disclaimer added at the top we can work out the wording and I’d be happy to edit it in. Or change title.

I am sorry to inform you that ny best friend Will "Garrigan: Wyman passed away a couple to 3 months back due an an onging an agressive fight with cancer. I loved him so much and he was one of the most generous and forgiving human beings I have ever met.

We had a millworks vusiness,a nd went to Nascar races at Bristol.

I really miss talking to Will.

Hogmaster tipped off the company for thouseands using hhis staus as Mod to hack the seed shop. I can only imagine what has come of him.

On the other hand. We are glad to see you back, and since I did not read all the posts here (legally blind)…I must ask. What the hell have you been doing?

Peacem be happy, be safe. ;w

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If he ripped the company off we can only hope he’s been repeated kicked in the balls of each seed that was scammed.

I miss Will so much…You all have no idea. He was my best friend and partner.

Hogmster “David” is a scumbag.


No…Actually no one went after him. I know where he is at, sort of, but he is not worth the effort to make him pay. No worries. We fixed the issue that allowed him to sreal from us. No worries.