Hello from the NorthEast USA.a


Just joined because Santa came with completely unexpected surprise. Lots of reading done and lots more to go. This will be my first go at a grow.
10 sq.ft. tent 7ft. tall, 400w hps/mh. Area is as ready 62 degrees ambient. I’m thinking of a Scrog grow set up.


Welcome. Another New Englander here.


Welcome @Greasemonkey
Good luck with your grow :sunglasses::seedling::v:


Hi there greasemonkey! You are going to love growing your own, and the peeps here are totally here to help you succeed. I will be waiting for the pictures…I love to look at em.


Welcome to the best forum on the net! :v: I’m still finishing my first ‘educated’ grow and it’s been a huge success due to the vast knowledge and information shared by the kind folks in this group :sunglasses:

You must have been very good to receive such a great unexpected surprise :grin:


Welcome and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Just use the @ sign like this @Greasemonkey.


Welcome :facepunch: you could always go the autoflower perpetual grow route too :ok_hand:


Welcome @Greasemonkey
Im also from the NE
If you need anything feel free to tag me
As a new member I’ll suggest you read all forum policies just so you are familiar with them
We have many talented members who are will to help out
:v:️And happy growing CB


Hi @Greasemonkey, I’m also in the cold northeast. Welcome to the forum. :sunglasses:


Hi ya !!!

I’m on the NJ side of the NYC metro area.

Damn it’s cold.:grimacing::crazy_face::grinning:

Sounds like your about ready to germinate!!!:+1:

I’m just about at harvest.

I’ll be here watching your progress.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Good luck on your grow!!! :four_leaf_clover:


Welcome and good luck! Best site on the internet


Just wanted to drop by and say hello, welcome to the group!


Welcome to our family. We listen learn and lean on each other for support. It works well. Be polite, know the rules, and respect opinions


Welcome @Greasemonkey any of us more than happy to help with any questions you have. If we don’t know we tag someone who does. That’s what it’s about here. Following along for your grow!


Welcome @Greasemonkey This is the place you need to be to grow some good meds. I’m I the North east as well.


@raustin how have you been
Been a while since ive seen you around


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971, yeah I’ve been not growing, lol, but I’m back now. Hope you’re well. :grin:


I am well and all is going good
I glad your back in the game have you girls lightened up on your hobby or are they still busting your chops ?
Anyway nice to see you back on @raustin


Lol, now that my kids are in college you’d think they’d lighten up, but no, in fact I think they’ve gotten worse. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t grow last season – i had to promise I would never do it again. So what they don’t know won’t hurt them. :laughing:


Hahaha @raustin i like the way you think