Hello from AjaGanja

Hey gang :grin:
I Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself & say how happy i am to be here with you all! I’m AjaGanja and I’ve been looking for a place to learn, share, and talk with people that have the same wonderful love I do… marijuana. Whether you are fortunate enough to live where it is legal recreationally, medicinally, or not doesn’t matter to me! I figure if you’re here you have some kinda relationship or interest with Mary either now or in the past and now want to grow your own girls, Hence the name of this wonderful place I :hearts:GM :wink:
So here’s my story: I have loved Mary all of my life she is my first and one true love!! As a child, I couldn’t understand why I had this strange attraction to this little girl that my dad was growing in the flower pot that I wasn’t supposed to touch or tell anyone about. As my father would dry her out, I would burn her leaves to catch a wiff of her sweet perfume. (to this day I don’t know how I knew to burn her leaves at such a young age.) I can remember going to sporting events with my dad sitting almost at the very top of the stadium inhaling her sweet aroma as the other onlookers enjoyed her company. I had not met her formally, but I wanted to…she looked and smelled so pretty all the time & it seemed everyone wanted to be around her. She was so popular t:grin:hey even made a song about her, I didn’t have a song about me :joy::rofl: It was love at first sight with MJ, tho I knew little about her.
Mary and I finally met in my teenage years at a family picnic, my cousin introduced us & I was happy to meet her. The Mary I knew then (1 or 2 moons ago) was young and totally a free spirit. Sometimes she was good, sometimes she was bad. Many times she carried lots of baggage from the males she had been around… I always tried to warn her that they just wanted her flower but she didn’t listen & didn’t move away from them & That made Mary hard to deal with and a total drag… spending time with her sometimes had me happy and ready for the world and sometimes she exhausted me and I was locked to the couch feeling totally drained. I never knew what to expect out of her when we’d hang out. I was young, our relationship had just began and I was just getting to know her, I knew I loved her but what was up with all the ups and downs. Looking back I know she was underdeveloped and trying to figure herself out and all she has to offer to me and the whole world!!
We went through a rough patch in my late 20’s -early 30’s where we almost didn’t make it. It wasn’t until years later when she got her strains together and I began to understand that the way she grew up made her who she is today. I began to truly appreciate Mary. Every time I saw her she looked and smelled different, it was like an adventure every day with her… talk about a roller coaster ride. I didn’t recognize my beloved Mary from one moment to the next & that took some getting used to. Crazy, but that’s what I love about her the most now … how she can change her look, her smell, all the places she has been and how she shares what she has picked up along the way. She is beautiful, healing, and a joy to spend time with & watch grow. She brings people together & stimulates the mind and body. I just know after a long day or a wonderfully fabulous one, when I’m happy or sad, whether I’m with loved ones or all alone, at home or abroad… I want to share every moment with my sweet MJ.
I am new to growing and will be doing a grow journal of some white widow autos that I began a couple of weeks ago… better late than never rite!!! Stay tuned


I’ve grown many wwa and damn near every one of them got 4-5 ft tall. Last one I grew outside I topped and it still reached 4’ tall. Best of luck to you

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Thanx a bunch @HornHead… I’m super exited and nervous all at the same time!! So far so good though. I hope they don’t get as tall as yours, my tent is only 2x4x5. I Fimmed one yesterday and will do the other today or tomorrow and the others as needed. I have 3 going strong with 2 on the way to hopefully showing their pretty little heads.

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I’m growing ww fem and I can keep them less then 3 ft off floor with fim and lst. Not sure if you can do same with auto. With only 5ft to work with your gonna need some low plants

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I’ve seen a lot of short ones but some autos do get big. Just do some LST (low stress training) and tie her branches down as she grows. That’ll keep her shorter.
Heres a good example. My front one was tied down. The back one wasn’t. The back one is 43 inches tall.

Granted it could just be different phenotypes and have nothing to do with my tying it down. But I think it did.

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This one white widow auto filled up a 2x3 tent with a lo5t of lst


So how soon can I begin LST with an auto? I’m not exactly clear on how to do it. To my understanding you tie the branches down by the stems, but they seem kind of fragile to me I’m afraid of harming them. Maybe it’s too soon and I should wait another week or so. Here’s pics of the older two from about three days ago. They are two weeks old today.

wow that is one monster of a plant. :heart_eyes: hopefully I have enough space for my girls to grow @HornHead

Yours look good. I think people start at the 6th node. I just did a little bending out and tying down the limbs. But you can bend the whole plant over once it gets taller.

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