Hello! First time auto gro

Welcome to our world of growing here at ILGM And I know you will enjoy our community of awesome fokes

Ya, that’s right. Auto’s are very fussy when it comes to that. I use a 10 gal cloth and bigger with no problems.
Here !ake a look at these pots


You may have hit reply before your pictures were able to load.


Nice ladies!
So to be clear, I should put them into the pot I’m finishing them in? Sorry if this sounds stupid, I just want to get the best outcome .

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I don’t know where your pic went to but rule of thumb is … the bigger the pot the bigger the plant. the more room she has to spread her roots the better.
If you want I have great tea to feed them also my friend.
As you can see in the pic I posted I can give you some awesome stuff to feed your ladies and when to.

B Safe


Could you please share your tips on the nutrients. First time growing auto white widow here. Need to transfer mine to a bigger pot tomorrow as I can see the root coming out.

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Those sure are pretty! I’m very interested in the fact that you are using a 10g container. I’m using 3g air pots but for the time being I’m confined to a 2x2x4 tent. Any idea what the difference in yield would/could be if I jumped up to a 10g?

Tell me about your tea is it hydro friendly??

Thank you for your reply, I’m going to try 5 gal fabric. I’m so excited, the seeds have popped :seedling: