Hello Everyone. Newbie preparing for first grow

Looks like you have a plan. :wink:

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Welcome to the forum. Great choice on a light you will not be sorry.

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Yeah they definitely don’t produce the wattage they claim. I run only LED’s all from amazon and produce very dense buds. I run 6 1200watt bloomspects and 3 1000watt gixers in a room that is 12’ X 15’. The bloomspects produce right around 260 watts each and the gixers around 225 if I remember right. I checked when I first started running them. It takes some practice, and I had to switch around my nutes to get dense buds for sure. I’m going to add a 600watt hps this grow due to more plants. Excited to be on this forum.

I have really great luck with led’s myself. It’s taken me four grows with them to produce top notch chronic though. I used to grow with metal halide and high pressure sodium. I changed my feeding around as well. What’s your nutrient cycle look like?

Check this out, complete kit for auto watering
Courtesy of @imSICKkid

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Nutrients I haven’t committed to yet. I wasn’t going to pick nutrients until I buy medium. When I initially started planning, I was going to use FFOC and their nutrients.

Now, until I pick a medium, I’ll probably kick that down the road a few days. Not germinating until mid-October, so I’m still setting up space, learning, and troubleshooting on the front end.

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Does anybody know how high your light is suppose to be, is it 12” to 18” from top of the plant or the lip of the flower pot?

If you do decide to go with Fox farms, I suggest looking at the dirty dozen. It includes pint bottles of the fox farm “trio”, plus Sledgehammer for flushing, a foliar spray, three products to feed the roots, and a ninth pint bottle of a product to improve the taste. Besides those nine pint bottles it includes the three solubles (powders) that are used during flowering to build the buds with extra potassium and phosphorus. Includes feeding schedule booklet and measuring spoon, all for around $100 (if you shop around) and seems like a good deal and a way to try out new things.

i have been wanting to try the epoxy floor. did you do the work?

It varies a bit, but for me I usually keep them roughly 20"-26". I’ve found some strains are more sensitive to heat than others. I keep them closer to 18" during the early veg stages

Sounds like a good plan. I’m currently running mills nutes in coco. I used to run advanced nutrients, but have came across better results with mills. Let me know what you come up with. We can get into more detail if you like? That epoxy floor is badass to by the way.

No. I had planned to do it, but there is an art to the metallic epoxy. It was about $4,000 to have 650 sqft done.

Hey guys, can you recommend to me seed type which gives big buds and grows fast? What do you think is better for indoor grow, autoflower or photo?

Photoperiod I would recommend for inside, but the yield will be determined by your environment. Good lighting, nutrients, and rest is up to you.

Floor looks sweet. Nice pic on the 650r too.

So my buddy and I were gifted the runt of the litter from a grower in July. Planted it outside and buddy fed miracle grow once per week. Here are a couple of pics


Damn that looks nice!

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@Watt-Sun Ended up yielding about 4 oz dry weight. I haven’t made it over to try it yet. :man_facepalming: He’s 2.5 hours away.

I will be starting about 14-ish seeds in a couple-few months to plant at his place. I have 7 wed cake and 5 GL fem left, and 20 critical mass and 5 bubblegum on order.

I’ll have more questions then. He’s obviously soil, and I’m growing in coco. A farmer leases about 3/4 of his property, and plants will be on outskirts of tillable field.

Lol the weed looks great too, but I was referring to that sweet epoxy floor

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@Watt-Sun :joy::joy::joy::joy: Obviously! It’s awesome. Weather threw a hell of a wrench in the schedule. He’s doing work on an AF base, so it will be another week until he gets back to cut tape off and touch up a couple bubbles in the topcoat.

Then the basement furniture crowding my grow area can finally go back where it belongs!