Hello Everyone. Newbie preparing for first grow

There’s a support group on the forum for blurple users. But I mean it kinda how we all start.


Ok I dont know what rh is or VDP and can you answer this for me… when you are growing auto flower and the plant starts to flower, all you need to do is change the lights to 12/12 right? Another question is do you put the fan on high or low

I definitely plan more after this grow. I bought 20 wedding cake fem seeds and 5 gold leaf fem seeds from ILGM. I will grow 4 plants to harvest and then get a dozen started for outdoor transplant in northern climate. Beyond that, I hope the grow bug catches. Then I may be able to fix my house landscaping! :man_facepalming:

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And so you really just need to me mindful of the humidity for fungus and diseases purposes cuz I was thinking of the fan is one with the exhaust all day shouldn’t things kinda even out especially if you sprinkle a lime into the soil

As for ventilation. Would adding 1 S6 to the equation solve a potential issue?

Current s4 set to constant low intake, current t4 on intake, with s6 on exhaust; linked with t4 on humidity/temperature control?

Depends on what ac infinity fans you have. If they’re ec motor fans, you could run the 6” and 4” together on the same controller. If they’re dc motors you can only run the same size fans on the controller.

You can check the tag on your fan. This is an EC motor fan. Notice the “voltage” as 120v ac.

This is a dc fan. Notice the “voltage” as 24v dc.


Thanks a lot! I’ll check tomorrow. Epoxy underlayment was put down today outside the room my tent is in, so I won’t be able to do anything until Sunday, if I don’t get there tomorrow.:cry:

@SKORPION. Lmao u make it sound like its a drug class wording it like that lmao.


Look up the post lol. It’s formatted like an AA meeting. It was posted by @NeoGroR


I love the forum its great yo talk to people u dont know really and crack up hard core ill be reading a start laughing my ass off and the wife come in and like wtf so funny. Nm ur talking with ur weed people again lol.


Same… @Mark0427

Feel free to share. The group has been slow lately but we’re still here, ready to listen.

Blurple Buyer’s Support Group


Mine are both AC, so I should be good to add an s6.

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They’re still dc motors but they’re electronically commutated (Ec). But yes, you can run different size fans. Just wanted to make sure so you didn’t fry your controller.

Forgot to mention, make sure if you purchase a 6” that that one is EC as well. You’ll be surprised how much more powerful the 6” is compared to the 4”. I was disappointed with the 4” but it makes a good intake fan.

Today’s a great day! Epoxy was finally poured in my basement. I can’t get to my grow space, so I can’t make any progress setting everything up. But I did order an HGL 650r, so I think lighting is solved.

And the floors are amazing! I can’t wait until their cured and top coated Thursday!


I also wanted to ask about automatic watering. Again I’m new, but I didn’t see a logical spot to start reading up on auto feeding water/nutrients in a coco/… blend

They sell auto water kits on amazon probably eBay too. I was just going to invest in a pump some lines and make something myself. You probably could too.

Auto flowers you don’t need to switch the light schedule they flower on their own in time not from a light change

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I’m much more of a diy’er, so I’m building a kit. I have/will get:

  • 400 gig fountain pump
  • 55 gal food grade plastic barrel with removable lid
  • 2 port aeration pump
  • 1/2” poly and 1/2” vinyl tubing
  • roller ball valves

I plan to make my own halos.