Hello Everyone. Newbie preparing for first grow

Hey Everyone. I’m a complete newb to the forum and growing. Just wanted to say hello. I’m going to spend some time reading, before asking a bunch of questions.

I will be growing indoors with a 4x4 tent with soil (FFOC.) I will be starting my first grow in a few weeks. Planning to grow 4 wedding cake seeds to harvest. Then either growing another round or getting a larger number ready to plant outside.

My Setup: Vivosun 4x4x6’8” tent, ac infinity t4 exhaust controlling s4 intake, vivosun carbon filter, a handful of clip fans, exlenvce 1500w blurple light (considering adding something more)


Welcome to ILGM forum.

You may want to do some research on LED lights before investing into more lights. Many people on forum have purchased LEDS from Amazon, myself included and realized that many of these lights will do OK during veg but will not produce dense buds. Good Luck with your grow. Don’t hesitate to ask questions,many experienced growers here that are willing to help. :+1:


@Waz_Wolf; Welcome to the community.

Welcome to the community

I will definitely research a bit more before buying something more. Wife asked today if I was keeping track of expenses. :man_facepalming::innocent:

I did get my tent, exhaust, and intake fans setup tonight. I need to pick up a good power strip to start connecting power.

I recognize I don’t know what I don’t know, so I am more than happy for feedback or ideas. The last thing any of us wants is a dead plant. #cheers


Welcome to the community. :+1::+1::+1:

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Thatll get you through about the 1st half of vegging but you’ll definitely need a second light to finish up I’d personally recommend the 360$ hlg 260 xl rspec kit I think if you throw that 1500 at the back and run the xl you’ll get some gorgeous dense flowers , best of luck don’t forget to keep the humidity up and ph low :grin:


Welcome bud!

welcome . new grower here also. The T4 may be a little small for the 4x4. I have a T6 in my 4x4 and that seems to do the trick. you will be able to run it at a lower setting to pull the needed CFM and it will run quieter.
I run a T8 in my 4x8.
There is a wealth of information here so my best advice is to read, read, read., Read the guides. Read the Journals. There are so many good ones. this is a good one.

Good luck! don’t be afraid to ask questions. This isn’t those other places where people will call you stupid because you don’t know something.


Welcome aboard! Nearing the end of my first run - so feel your trepidation!

Always lots of very clever heads here to keep us on track! :+1: :sunglasses: :v:


Welcome to our community . You have seen those here are able and willing to give advice on how to get the best results for successful grows. good luck and happy growing. :rofl: :bat:


Thanks for the welcome and advice.

There is so much to learn, and a number of different ways to get there.

My idea was to grow in soil, but I really want to set up an auto watering system. It appears soil is more problematic for automatic watering.

After reading https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/diy-automatic-watering-system/

I think building a system like the one above and using ME coco/perlite as the medium.



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Welcome here! I just finished my first grow which was Wedding Cake. Half expressed a sativa side and half ended up purple. All very nice plants. I attribute the purple ones to being to the side of the tent, in Soft Pot not the hydroponic pots the greens ones were in. I thought I had harvested too early but after curing and rolling a J last night we are very pleased with the results. A super nice wake and bake.

Mine grew amazingly fast! ILGM seeds.


I realize I may have fallen into the Amazon grow light trap. :man_shrugging: The reviews were great. :man_facepalming:

I spent several hours reading reviews and information about lighting. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of top brand options.

There is a medical dispensary and grow store here in town, and the people working are really friendly and all grow. They have a gravita 1700e at the store for roughly $1250 before tax. I know it’s a good light and gives a sale to a local business.

The other light is the HGL 650r, which is a bit cheaper.

My questions at this point are:

  • when it comes to use, quality, and yield in a 4x4 tent, is the gravita light any “better” than the HGL?
  • would it be okay to use my blurple light in conjunction with either of the above options?
  • are both of these lights completely overkill for a new hobbyist, and a spider farm light will do just great?
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Hlg will do better, and hlg is a great option for a new hobbyist grower. Especially if you will be continuing after this grow.
You can blend any light spectrum, including blurple.
Happy growing.


Lights are the most important factor in growing quality and quantity. If you have the budget you should consider the HLG. It’s definitely top of the food chain. I grow mostly for wife’s medical needs and a couple other family members. I personally only smoke occasionally on weekends. I just finished up a grow and have plenty of supply. Even though I don’t need to start another grow I find myself wanting to start one. The point being is even if you only consider yourself a new hobbyist, if you’re like many you’ll find that growing these plants or as I like to call it medicine will become almost addictive and very rewarding. So if you can afford it buy the best and you won’t regret it. :+1:


How do you keep the humidity up I thought you needed a dehumidifier not a humidifier

I’d say HLG I just got my 100 in the mail the other day


First try control environment in the room that tent is in. But there’s only so much that you can do there. Depending on your overall seasonal environment you will need to set things up accordingly. For example during the summer months my humidity in tent usually gets higher especially during veg. So I run a dehumidifier in the room that tent is in. That helps control humidity in tent by my intake fan pulling in the rh level that I’m wanting to achieve. During winter I months rh levels get extremely low, so I use humidifier in tent and a Inkbird controller to turn humidifier on when needed. Achieving proper rh and temperature can be difficult but you just want to get as close as possible. It’s not absolutely necessary to get the proper VPD, but it will help.