Hello everyone another newbie here with banana Cush auto


18 days baby girls in a 3x3 tent with a TS 1000 mars hydro led lights
What do you guys think

You are going to need more light to flower 4 plants.


Ty I’m about to get one more of the same light

You think that will work ? Any suggestions on lights not to expensive

Two Mars Hydro 1000’s aren’t going to flower 4 plants either. You really need a TS 1000 for each plant, as the Mars lights just don’t provide enough output.

Quality lighting with a product that uses Samsung LM301 series diodes will be the solution, but it will be more expensive. I think about it like this: a good light costs about the same as as zip of good weed from a dispensary. When you put it in those terms, a good light isn’t all that expensive. Inferior lighting will produce inferior results, and lighting is one of the most important factors for a successful grow.


I had 4 plants under two HLG 260xl rspec aka 550 watts drawn from the wall and it couldn’t
handle the needs of 4 Super Monsters.

I also wasted $500 on two lights before switching to HLG which set me back $800. I made three trips for a total of 6600 miles. I would bring back 3oz for a total of $1500 per trip.

So as you can see I wasted a ton of money. Glad I decided to grow my pain and insomnia meds.

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I think they look great right now.

But I also think @MidwestGuy is spot on and worth listening to. The 150 bucks you’ll spend on that TS1000 would go so much further towards a better light.

There’s a lot of work money patients time and everything else that goes into a full grow. Don’t let yourself down in the end by trying to cut the biggest corner you shouldn’t

I think return the Mars Hydro while you still can (assuming you can) and pick up different lights.

You could do this, code DIY10 takes off 10%. Takes you under $300 for 260 watts of good power.

Alternatively check out ChilLED Tech and AC infinity for lights. But more importantly, figure out how much light to need for your space and plants and don’t spend the money until you have those established.

Ty guys for all yr support

Another question I have
I got bergmans fertilizer but I don’t know how much should I drop on each plant
I mixed it according to directions

And also I want to apologize for my incorrect English .I’m an immigrant (Greece) with no schooling I learn what I know listening to people asking questions and reading so I’m really sorry if I come out rude sometimes


[quote=“Vonitsanos13, post:11, topic:75485, full:true”]
Another question I have
I got bergmans fertilizer but I don’t know how much should I drop on each plant
I mixed it according to directions

todays pic of my ladies 21 days old

Sorry I have never used Bergman’s nutrients so I can’t be any help here.

I have used Mars Hydro TS1000 per 2 plants just turn rotate them like a clock .

Thank you man

Ok well I just chop mine. N there gonna get big fast and take the whole 16-18 weeks. Mine came out huge to me so have fun.

Your English is fine, mate.

Thank you guys for all yr support