Hello community just a basic first time grower


Hi all I’m a gal from the valley in Cali. My moms boyfriend is a big time grower, grew her a purple plant not sure exactly the strain. But she gave me a mason jar full of buds and covered in seeds cause it apparently grew too long? " went to seed " is what they told me… So I put a handful of those seeds in water they sprouted I grew them in the window indoors for a few weeks. Once they were noticeably plants I put them in tiny pots and kept them indoors for awhile most died cause I have a black thumb and don’t know shit about plants… But 6 survived made it to teenage stage!! Took all 6 outside into 5 gallon lowes buckets and 3 died… They made it to the point where sexting was identifiable and 2 turned out to be boys I have one left and I’m not sure wtf I’m doing but someone told me to get some fertilizer to help her so I went Lowels and got the closet formula I could to what they said which was 16/16/16, I gave a handful of that to the top layer and hoped it would help… She got fat and bushy but someone else told me NO! So I haven’t given her any more since. However another friend of mine gave me this liquid called “bud Candy” I gave a splash of that to her about 5 days ago while watering her and since then she sprouted her white pistols 3 days ago, I just really want her to bud for me… Help help I don’t want her to die! Btw she’s out doors in a storage bin with drilled holes in the bottom


Hello @Candeebee,

Welcome to the forum. You will find much information here, but may I suggest downloading Robert’s grow bible first.

Not only will it provide answers to most of the questions you already have, it will also acquaint you with some terminology that will be useful to you and those trying to help you.

Pictures are always helpful if you can provide them.

To success!


Pictures would be nice… makes it easier to see if your girl needs anything right now.

I grew up in the valley… Modesto… great place to grow.


Oh wow Oak small world! That’s where I was born and raised, I’ve been living in Rocklin for 15 years tho.


cool…I have a friend in Rocklin… I moved out of cali back in 87,…went back for a few years a while back but moved out here to the south in 2009…
I miss home, lol…
what area are ya from? which HS?
I was Modesto High, class of 1986. grew up in that nasty west side, lol.



Ah I’m a Downey high/Elliot girl haha! I grew up in central. Class of 2002


when I went back there for a few years mu son went to Johansen…he played a game over at Downey…brought back lots of memories as we always played there.


Looks great to me, I don’t see a black thumb from looking at this pic haha!

The bud candy nutrient is good to use for flowering, so I’d definitely recommend using it, but check out the website to make sure exactly how much just to be careful! :v:


She’s a beauty! :smile:


Your plant looks great. Better to under feed a little than over feed. When the days get to 12 hours of sun it will flower for ya.


Thanks for the welcome everyone! And for tips and advice!! :+1:t3::heart:️ Very much appreciated!!
Is it possible to force flowering? I’m so not confident I can keep her alive for many months…
And she gets cleaned (pick off yellow leaves) almost every other day… If you look at the full pic you can see some on the ground lol :see_no_evil:


you force flowering by changing the light cycle and fooling the plant into thinking it is already fall. It is difficult to do outside,…but very easy inside.


Hmm… There’s a huge overgrown neighbors tree… I could drag her ass in the shade there… But would that work? Or she’d still get light ?


its going to need to be darker than that. Find a spot that is deeply shaded for several hours in the morning… move the plant over there,… then you need to cover your plant with something thick,…like a blackout drape… but at the same time you need to be aware of the heat it may cause. any leaks of sunlight can reset her clock and stop her from going into flower… perhaps build a frame out of 2x4’s and cloak it all the way around in your blackout material…then either place the plant in it right before dark,…or if it stays in it,…wrap it up right before dark…a fan inside to help regulate temps and fight mold would probably be a good idea.


Maybe get something like this, cut out the bottom, and slip it over before bedtime every night, then remove it a couple/3 hours after sunrise every day.


She’s probably hungry for more nutrients and that’s why she’s getting yellowing leaves, that means she’s eating herself! I know you have the Bud Candy your friend gave you, but you should think about getting other nutrients.

I only say this because if you can grow a plant that big, without much nutrients, then you’d grow one hell of a plant if given nutrients to help her thrive! Just s thought for you @Candeebee :v:


Since its in a bucket, you can take it inside about an hour before sunset or two and put it in a dark closet or something. Take it back out after dark. September 25 is the 12/12 outdoor day.


Hi all I lost my phone for awhile which is why I haven’t came back. But I’m baaaaaccckk!!!
I’ve been pulling “Miss Mary” inside every day @ 5-6 pm for about a week now. She seems to be happier, I’ve also purchased some fox farms big bloom liquid as mentioned in this site multiple times, so far I’ve fed her twice and this is how she looks since the original photos I posted. :v:t3:


Beautiful! Glad to have you back @Candeebee :v: