Hello community i seem to have a burn or deficiency


hello I have been foxfarm ocean forest and everything had been going well but I have been seeing this start to happen

i have never used soil before only bubble buckets any information would be every helpful I have been using RO water at ph 8 to water then as well think that is correct ph …i hope


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Not sure about a deficiency that is some nutrient rich dirt.
However RO water is stripped of beneficial minerals and trace elements
So it could be the start of a cal-mag issue
Here is a chart

It kinda looks like nute burn to me but the plant looks well established and if you have not been feeding and have been watering as needed I would not think that it is nute burn
But I am a newb lets tag in some veterans and get you some direction
@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


Ph 8.0 is way too high for growing mj. Soil is 6.5 after nutes and 5.8 with hydro. This can produce a lockout that can appear as an excess too in some media.


@Myfriendis410 is on point ph is way high at 8
Ro water rends to have a higher ph
You should be adjust ph of water at 6.3 -6.8 with soil ph target of 6.5 @Growit @Firstgrow thats what is causing the color issues
Good call @Myfriendis410


I just started to pH my water from 7.2 to 6.5 and makes a world of difference!!


Yes it will anything about 6.8 can cause issues FYI
Soil ph is most important
You can obtain that with runoff of by doing a slurry test
But ph your water or nutes to same place each time helps as well


Oh and @Firstgrow besides that she looks real happy you are on the right track! :blush:


@Firstgrow I agree with @Growit
you have done a fine job so far get ph back in line and youll be fine :v:️CB


first thank you all very much for the words of wisdom and taking the time to set. me on the right path .and I am glad everything else looks good. she had been treating me very well and want to do the same for her for sure .secondly everyone have great holidays and new years


@Firstgrow same to you hope you uave a wonderful holiday season
Merry Christmas and happy New Years
If we can help with anything else just post your question and youll get some help