HELLO bubble baggers! 2 questions

Gonna try making some bubble hash , the ice method,
. Just did some research on how to make it so that looks simple enough. But have some questions and would like aome experienced answers-
Size of bags needed? I think 1 gal is to small ?
How many bags do i need in my system?
Saw a guy freeze the hash after he strained it and ground it with a cheese grater over cardboard to dry out. Is freezing it the popular method?
So i thought you roll it all up together in a ball but it looks like you separate each bag into quality piles. So what do you do with your piles?

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I use coffee filters. Don’t freeze anything after the process. I do freeze the buds/cuttings first tho

Yeah the video I watched showed the guy freeze it for about 45 minutes and then pulled it out and graded it on a cheese grater like parmesan while he’s singing a little Italian song about parmesan