Hello all my first ever grow

Hey all, new grower just starting out here. Already learned a fair bit just reading a few journals today. Awesome members here by the looks🙂

First white widow, she popped surface on 18th sept.


@Timeslayer01 welcome to the forum we have great members we are all here to help each other looking great :wink:


@Timeslayer01 Welcome

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Welcome @Timeslayer01 read the threads and down load the grow bible it’s free and will help u along the way


I have tried to dl the grow bible but not getting the email :expressionless:

Nice looking little plant and welcome to the ILGM forum. I have seedlings that are just one day behind yours.

Be sure to check you “junk email” folder just in case it got dumped in there.
The grow bible is where I learned the bulk of my growing skills, the folks on the forum were (and continue to be) a big help fine tuning those skills and filling in the gaps.

You are going to love this place!


Here she is while awake, looks a bit better :slightly_smiling_face:

I did check my junk email folder, but no luck. So i searched the forum and found links that worked. So now i have some reading to do :books:

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@Timeslayer01 I’m glad I am retired because there is more info here than I will be able to read it all. Hahaha

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So she is just over 3 weeks old now. Almost up to full strength nutes. I trimed off the bottom 2 leaves last night just after she woke up and watered her. Should i top her yet? She has 4 sets of leaves and fifth set growing fast. Thats after i took of the first leaves that grew as they were about to touch the soil. She is only 4 inch tall and 8 inches across.

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@Timeslayer01. Welcome to the forum. I am new also. There are so many great people here and a tremendous amount of knowledge. I think that I am going to come along for the ride. I am set to watching.

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@Timeslayer01 fim those 5th leaves. It’s like topping but less stress and faster rebound time for your girls

15days late sorry

Yea topped it and doing lst now. Got too many branches. i think i shoulda topped it when i posted last but waited another 9 days or so and only topped at 7th. Doing lst and have trimmed leaves 2wice already. Took bottom node off. Tossing up topping any of the branches. She still really short. Oh and transplanted 3 days before the topping. @PharmerBob yes thats what i should have done. But hey now i know what im looking at for next time :slightly_smiling_face:


For vertical growth no stress and raise light, always remember she’ll more then double in size during flower cycle

So what causes ph to drop in coco? Eg 5.8 going in 5.4 coming out? Got it back to 5.9 after a week of flushing lots of low ppm 6.0ph water but as soon as i go back to even half strength nutrients at ph 5.8 the run off drops to 5.4.

Im new in the group! Welcome
I think You should not make flash picture while they are asleep.