Hello All! I'm new here and new at growing also

Done a lot of reading here and man there is a lot of Knowledge here for us all. Thanks in advance for all your help!!!

I Started germination of 6 Gelato feminized seeds. on 4/20/21
Did two in the wet paper towels, 2 in water, 2 in soil. 1 of the soil seeds never showed up. I Built a 2.5 x 2.5 x 6 Room for 1 Indoor plant and the other 4 are going outside once they get good and established. I’ve got a 1500 W LED Grow Light. Fan for circulation and a 4" fan moving air in and out. The plants are looking great, pictures attached. They are 26 days old. Watering once daily in Gallon pots. This morning I just did my first “feeding” using the 2/3 tablespoon Growtime Fertilizer per gallon of water. Do they look like the are coming along good? The temp unfortunately has been in the 65-70 degree range, PH is up around 6.7 - 7. Humidity has also been low @ 50-65 Any suggestions?



That meter in the soil? What’s it for? I’m sure I’ve seen people here say it’s not ideal ( I think it was said that it’s garbage)

You will want some other meters

I’ll see if I can scratch up links for what you’ll need if you don’t already have them

Plants look really good though

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Look good but small! That meter is trash! All ya need is a moisture meter in your pot. The PH and light meter on the one you have give inaccurate measures.

Oh yeah, WELCOME TO THE FORUM! Great place to obtain lots of knowledge!

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Thanks for the welcome! I didn’t doubt the Plastic Gauge was crap form the get go! I’ll upgrade for sure.
Something I didn’t mention… I keep the lights on 24 hours. What are your recommendations?.
Plants look real good this morning! …

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I recommend 20/4 or 18/6
And I see you humidity levels for seedling is little low but is ok

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18/6. Give a little rest.

Well They’re 29 day old today. They look healthy as hell. Growing broader not taller…Should I start removing the lower fan leaves or is it to early? Twice a day feedings and still on 24hr Lights. I haven’t gotten a timer yet. any comments?

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Looking great!

Well, Here’s an update in Week 7!
I lost one in week 6.
Transplanted them and they’ve been topped and thinned. Removed a good bit to expose new growth. I think they look good. PH has stayed up around 6.5-6.8 Temp has gotten to 92, fixed that and now 85-87 and 65-70. I have only used blood meal in the soil and the 2/3 tablespoon ILGM Growtime Fertilizer per gallon of water and watering lightly 2 times a day. Still 24 lights. I did get a timer! But I thought i’d wait a bit since I just transplanted them. I’ll start an 18/6 schedule. Anyone have suggestions?

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Week 8 Up-Date
Am I doing more harm than good by removing all the non-essential leaves daily? Plants haven’t or don’t seem like they has stressed at all. I have performed a good bit of LST. Ran out of the ILGM GROWTIME fertilizer I was using. Have only subbed Fish Fertilizer this week. I do have some new stuff on the way. Lights are 18" away and on a 20/4 cycle. Temps range from 68-70 to 80-85 daily. PH has stayed up around 6.7 -7.0. Plants are just short of a foot tall but nice and Bushy. Nothing seems to be out of wack. I was thinking 4 more weeks of Veg the switch to flower. Please give me some advice.

I’ll Try again. Been a while since I have updated you all.
The gelato girls will start there 7th week of flower on 8/1. I double the size of my tent and added 2 more led lamps after the first week of flower. They exploded like crazy. Looking forward to an awesome yield!Processing: 49EE5121-01D0-4341-BAD9-6E262687519C.jpeg...

That’s great news! Hope they continue on this path

You are doing great as a first timer


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Those are pretty

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Yea! Nice indeed.