Hello all from the UK

Hello All

I found this place while needing out on the tinternet. I’m seymore_budz, a British grower that has been around for a while now.

Started growing in the early 2000’s in Hydroponics and have been growing on and off ever since. That being said, I’m far from an expert and I’m always growing my knowledge.

I also spent many years working in the industry and have had the pleasure of watching the industry grow :slight_smile:

Currently I’m growing SOG in Coco but I flip between soil, Coco and hydroponics depending on the environment and what I feel like at the time. I’m planning on moving over to Aeroponics and NFT after I’ve finished my latest project.

No preference in nutrient brands. I flip from many different brands and normally just go for the cheapest. I do like a lot of crap though. I’m a big fan of safe PGRs, Kelp, mono-silicic acid and all the goodies like enzymes vitamins fulvic acid.

Recently I got into regular foliar feeding and I’m really loving the results. I will share my current recipe once I get settled if anyone is interested. I’m also a massive fan of RO water and have been using RO for growing for a while now.

Anyway, that’s me :slight_smile: Looking forward to reading about all your grows and getting stuck in. Here’s a couple of photos of my latest grow. It’s Zombie Death Fuck from Blimburn seeds. I grew this out from a single seed and split down the plant into 16 clones and they’re currently now starting week 2 of the flowering light cycle. I’ve had some teething issues as I’ve just swapped to a three part base feed but working through them.

8th feb (flip light cycle)

14th fenb



Hi @Seymore_budz welcome to the neighborhood, you have a nice setup there and plants are lookin good :+1: I’m a fan of soil and have actually switched to living soil I like the simplicity of it. I only have one tent going but about to start the other two pretty soon. Here’s a couple pics of my current grow it’s a mix of a few strains but all 8 are photos and were switched to flower on 1/11.


Hey @MeEasy thanks bud! Awesome grow! Loving those big colas :slight_smile: I did consider living soil and I’ve seen some great results but being in the UK and my grow being in my office I decided against it. If I ever get to move into a larger area I would give no-till/living soil a run. It’s one of those areas I don’t have much experience with and would love to learn more getting my hands dirty (no pun intended).

Nice LEDs you have there too! Those quantum boards? I have a small Invisible Sun LED that looks very similar that I use for vegative growth and a kind of holding area while in-between grows. I have more than one flowering tent too but I wanted to save a little so I can post later. I’m loving the LED grows though. Swapped over about 18 months ago. Previous iterations on the market sucked a little. Big hype and didn’t deliver. This left a real bad taste in my mouth and I didn’t look again for many years. I noticed that the outputs of these newer style LEDs are crazy and the shift towards a more diverse colour spectrum intrigued me into dropping a little money on a couple and was blown away with results! I’ve increased production, reduced energy consumption and reduced heat etc. Only downside is I now need to run a heater on those really cold nights. Those in the previous post are under a Lumatek 465 Pro LED.

When I get some more time I’ll have a proper look around the place and catch up with some of your diaries.

Here’s my little area where I have a couple of Zombie cuttings and some new strains I’m trialing ATM. These are London Cheese 2.0 from the late LaMota and Puna Pilau from Big Island Genetics. I’ll probably run a diary so you can see the rest of my humble little operation


I’ve been growing for years but just started indoors March will be 3 years. I was growing in the foothills of the mountains the valley here is desert and unless you are watering them daily it ain’t gonna grow lol. I got sick like 7 years ago and couldn’t climb up the there anymore and didn’t grow for like 4 years. While I was sick in bed all those years I started looking around the internet and found a treasure trove of information I didn’t know existed and realized I was stuck in a time warp or something :flushed: growing had moved into the future without me. Not knowing shit about growing Indoors muchless lighting i bought two cheap ass LEDs and started growing inside the closet and grew with those little ones for 2 years 600w blurple lights 113w actual power draw. I got pretty good with em I think :thinking: I would average a little more than a quarter pound per grow. Like a year ago I bought me a spider farmer sf2000 and wow the difference was crazy with it and those blurple lights in my closet I grew 2 rounds first time was 526grams and second time was 587g and I was addicted and now I have 2 sf2000 and a sf7000 the big one is in the pic above in a 4x4 tent and the other ones are in 2x4 tents which i haven’t grown anything in yet. I just bought the 7000 about a month ago and before I got it I had the 2 2000 in the 4x4 tent. I’ve been holding off on starting the other ones because I’ve had two surgeries since Thanksgiving and I have to start my cancer treatments the 3rd of next month so I don’t want to add to damn much work for myself. It’s not chemo this time it’s some other bs and I don’t know how sick it’s going to make me, hell I almost killed these plants twice going through the surgeries. What a pain in the ass. Now that you know my life story oops sorry I’m on my third cup of coffee and I get to babbling on and on.


Good luck with your treatments. Have you looked into Rick Simpson oil?A lot of people have had great results treating their cancer and you can make it yourself. Nice grow too.I had surgery at the end of my last grow, harvest was a challenge. Good luck!

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Welcome to the forum, lots of good friendly folks here to help and teach.Nice plants you have there.


Sorry to hear about your medical issues @MeEasy. I hope all that bud is helping you through the treatments and life in general. Don’t worry about the waffling I enjoy reading people’s stories and the why they got into growing :slight_smile:

I think the only thing I may try is to maybe add a small CMH if I had the space. I feel like the broad spectrum and outer edges of PAR would really compliment the overall quality of light hitting the canopy. Maybe one day I will try.

I didn’t like the narrow spectrum LEDs everything seemed to start great but finish underwhelming. I had been used to growing under the newer style digital HID lights so expectations were set high but never achieved. The plants were healthy for sure but the end output was low and everything seemed miniature. These broad spectrum boards with the white diodes seem to do a much better job. And much better for spotting issues too. Those “burple” lamps can make it very hard to spot issues like botrytis creeping in or some mites.

@Weedlover1 thanks for the welcome buddy! I’m here to check out what others are getting up to and to share the knowledge for sure.

PS: I’m a bit of a seed collector too :slight_smile: I’ve been buying up strains from the Dinafem/LaMota/Humboldt seed company since they don’t look like they will be back anytime soon as well as some edge case breeders like BIG and lesser known guys. Brexit has really stuffed us Brits as shipping seeds is now a right pain due to changes in the regulations. All suppliers need a sanitation certificate and the paperwork is crazy so many are just not bothering. Sad times because I was looking forward to buying some of the 2021 strains from Humbolt Seed Company.

I even bought a fridge to store the seeds long term (5+ years) … Sad I know lol


Some proper sorry tellers on this feed. I look forward to the seeing these lovely tents come along!

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Welcome to the forum, @Seymore_budz.

I’ve spent a couple of years living in Birmingham (City Centre) and working in Solihull. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent there.