Hello all does any one think i should change this starter set up?

hey all so im currently using a little 2 x 2 x 4 tent for my seedkings i used my humidity dome set up for germination until heads start popping up , they were getting a little stretchy kind of quick so i made my drying tent into a starter tent its a bigger light is my issue its a 1200 w equivalent led actual is like 474 i think, im using a cool mist humidifier and their in rapid rooters placed in the 1st out of 3 fabric containers im keeping the bags moist but not soaked and other than the (coco, perlite mix on top, light warrior on bottom, layer of perlite on top to retain and stop light drying) im only using clean ph’d water i feel like its to warm is all and im a careful guy so i figure i should ask the experts below is an attached pic of my current humidity and temp and set up, also i have an intake and exhaust fan intake on bottom exhaust on top any advice on what i could do better or if im alright would be great

You got alot of stretch , might wanna lower the light and make some domes up for them. But I’m a noob so I’m sure someone more experienced will come in shortly. That’s my advice

yea for sure, i had them in a humidity dome and thats where they shot up like that this is their first day in this new set up good call tho im like 20 inches above right now

I can try a shout out @Drinkslinger I just saw him on another post

Temp is fine. RH should be higher. 60-70% right now.

You just put them under that light, correct?

I’d use a skewer or twist tie, or something to give those seedlings some support.

When you repot you can bury them deeper, but for now they need something or risk falling over.

I just had one do that seemingly overnight.

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awesome thank you both really appreciate it!!

Yeah the ilgm seeds are great but the forum and the people are the best part.


The domes most likely had nothing to do with the stretch, that is caused by lights too far away.


Depends on what material the domes were. They could most definitely block photons from coming through.

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@Drinkslinger is a good friend/mentor to have here at ilgm, just try to learn the basics from one person so you dont get growing tips that clash together as all of us are different from each other. There are a thousand GOOD ways to grow cannabis, just learn the basics and then figure out what you like best.

thank you thats great advice there certainly is a bunch of different methods thanks all!!

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thanks !! @Drinkslinger i will def do that im potting up once they hit their 3rd node or the root system becomes nice and apparent through the fab bag i did move them into this tent just yesterday so the stretching was from the dome but once i got my temp and rh under a bit of control i lowered the 1200w equivalent led to about 14" above no signs of light burn yet i put a little desk fan Infront of them blowing them lightly in hopes of strengthening their stalks a bit fingers crossed but do u think the fan idea is okay or doesnit cause unnecessary stress? and going off of @imSICKkid if u dont mind ill be following your posts a little more specifically he was right for sure with the whole 1000 ways to skin a cat lol

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update lowered the light a 1/2" trying to keep the temp and humidity stable and watered them but i seemto ne getting a negative response my water is ph’d i have a small reservoir i keep ph’d and an air pump keeping it oxygenated, but my little ladies leaves are saggin and im sad lol

hey guys im back i got my temp and humidity a bit mire stable my little ladies aren’t dying but their not perking up either their leaves are droopy and i thought it was over watering but im doing the pot up method and these little grow bags dry out very fast im taking as long as i can before re watering but im at a point where i don’t know what to do