Hello all! Day 50? Please enlighten me wise ones

Hello all,

New to the forum and pretty much growing. Sure, I messed around years ago but nothing like this. I have gardens every year outside. But indoors is a new thing, been messing around and got some Sweet Oat Grass/Cat Nip going for the cats and a Tiny Tim Tomato plant going for me. But this freaking thing, I don’t know WTH is going on!

Please advise and any info is appreciated.

White Widow Auto from ILGM
Ocean Forest/Happy Frog/Perlite 50/50/20 in 3 Gallon Fabric
Cal/Mag(5ml per gal per watering since day 10) + Fox Farm Trio @ 1/2 Dosage
SP1000 x 3 24/7

Last feeding was 12/28/21
5.0ml cal/mag
5.0ml Big Bloom
7.5ml Tiger Bloom
PH IN 6.2/ OUT 6.0

I flushed 1/3/22 with 2.5 gallons per plant, water PH 6.6. Just in case of lock out/semi clean start.

Temp 72-76F RH 60%

I would expect that the plant is hungry. Half dose FF Trio should be applied a couple of times a week. Do you know your runoff PPM?

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No,PPM yet. One is on the way.

So possible not feeding enough due to half dose?

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Agreed looks hungry. You can remove the lower dark yellow leaves.

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Id bump this up a tad as well. Maybe go in around 6.6-6.7. In soil you want tour out closer to 6.3-6.8. Could be locking up the rootzone. But I agree with those two, she does look pretty hungry. Both plants

I believe FF nutes require a flush, have you done this yet? If not, I’d check the ppm and then flush if needed, then feed. They do look rather hangry at this point.

Thanks for the info all!

Flushed on 1/3

Fed them 1/4 Full Dose FF/Wk 7 PH 6.7 In/ 6.7 Out
Left plant PPM 1507 EC 3.014
Right plant PPM 1868 EC 3.736
Out of tap PPM 130

Not to sure of what to make of those PPM numbers?

The way they doubled up? Looks like you didnt flush correctly. Do you use a flushing agent? If not how much water did you use?

Ppms shouldnt stack like that. Especially if when you pour, its slowly n thoroughly drenching all the soil.

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In soil I would supplement when TDS is below 2,000 ppm on a runoff test. FYI PPM and EC are the same thing so you can report one or the other.


Oops! I read that as going in/coming out :man_facepalming:t5:

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Any suggestions for a soil supplement or do you mean more particular nutes during feeding?

When I have any issues like this I foliar feed grow and micro 2 times, always seems to fix the issue.

Whatever you are normally using. FF? Mix per their grow schedule.