Hello all beginner here

Hello folks I have been looking at the forum for a couple of days.I am so new im still a virgin.I will be getting a Ebb and flow system with in a couple of days. The guy at the grow store put a package together light air pump stone rock wool everything I need to get started.and i am getting a tent.I wanted to stop and say hi and look forward to the help yall give.

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Welcome. ,What light does it come with?

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I’m new here too welcome to the club.


I do not remember the light brand, he told me it is good for veg and flowering

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Welcome to the forum.

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Find out so we can make sure your getting something decent. What are your growing goals?

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As I have never tried it before and as I have tbi I’m leaning toward cbd and easy just to get my thumb wet

I don’t know if you have seeds or not ,but most people on here say white widow or northern lights are good for newbies as there easy to grow… both which can be brought from here auto or fem. @lumpster1961

Welcome and good growin u come to a good forum anyway bless and great growin

Welcome to the forum! Not a lot of ebb & flow growers here, so that will be really cool.

Welcome @lumpster1961 I would enjoy following your grow.