Hell will freeze over before stems snap

I am in the deep South, Louisiana ( is there anyone from this area who can advise me.!) have read all I can about drying. My first buds are in an air conditioned house, but these buds I put in the jar since July 8 are nowhere close to dry feeling. There are a couple of those little dessicant packs in the jar as well. The stuff I am growing is for either oil, or tincture.
I am also showing you the bag system I am using for drying colas.
Ive worked so hard to

get this far, and am terrified of losing the buds to mold, or messing the whole thing up!

I would hang them for a week and then jar them and burp everyday for the next couple weeks until dry. Or put them in paper bags and seal it closed.

If you are using bags, then first get rid of the white coffee filters (bleached paper is not a good idea here with this idea) then see the following.

Note the part regarding waxed, or more modern plasticised, “paper” bags, I personally test with a fresh walnut/pecan/ground nut, not the roasted kind, and see how quickly the oil soaks through, pure unbleached paper and you see the stain almost instantly on contact and you want bags that take that moisture out of the bud quickly, waxed or plasticised bags don’t do that the same, and the little shake around stops any chance of mould forming where buds come in contact with the bags.


Ok, the bags passed the nut test and I have closed them up. Wil leave them alone for a week. The bags are in a cooler area in the house.

Any comment on the buds in the jar already?

The buds show in the photo are in the jar over a week since July 8, and show no signs of drying, even seem to be less dry than When I put them in. The jar has been burped as everyone advised.

After harvesting…hang in ventilated area…air movement will help take out moisture. How long depends on your humidity. Once they feel dry to the touch…go to the paper bag.

We would have told you NOT to seal in a jar until at least a week…but, life IS a learning process.
And, after all…tomorrow is another day.

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Bag them apart, or hang them, or get them on a rack, ventilation needed with the last two or you may see fungus.

They went into jars too wet, I think, and unless they get aired there may only be one result.

Hmm. If you don’t have a rack you can use the cardboard box method, or possibly open a bag out like a single sheet, rolling the buds over to stop them lying on the wet patch.

Thanks all.

Roll of twine will help you hang from anywhere you want. Small nails will give you tie off points.
open air movement is key. not some closed off humid spot.

You could also cut all the buds off the stems and lay them between 2 bits of cardboard, that should help to get them dry enough to jar and cure. Sounds like you put the buds in the jar too wet, you need to remove them from the jar and air them out a bit before returning to the jar and burping a couple of times a day . Otherwise you are going to lose your buds to mould.

I had problems drying one grow and finally got out the quart Mason Jars and put three sheets of paper towels in the jar and sealed it every day. I changed the towels daily and my grow was dry in about ten days.

Thanks everyone. Good suggestions.
Wish me luck!

I try to dry in one of my tents but that’s not always an option, so when it’s not, I use cardboard boxes:

I keep them in a corner of my basement and they actually work pretty well… my basement normally has RH between 50-60% depending on the temps.


Good information you have so far. If @BIGE is around he may be able to help you out some too.

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If you are going to make oil or tinctures out of all of it, I think drying and curing is unnecessary. Just get the bud and leave matter off the stems and then decarb it at 110 C for 110 minutes in the oven. That converts all the THC-A to THC. Then you can do an alcohol extraction with Everclear. After the soaking and reflux (whatever method you use) let the alcohol evaporate and you get hash. Maybe you don’t evaporate it all to make a tincture. You can dissolve hash in whatever solvent you like to get your finished product.

I think drying and curing is just to make it smooth to smoke. If you extract the THC, you leave all the leave and bud matter behind.

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Well I have read that before, 1BigFella, but since everyone thinks its important to cure properly I thought I should do it. I need to just experiment. I am just impatient, and anxous to get a product that will help my brothers condition.
I’ve sealed the big paper bags that have the bud branches hanging.
The buds from the jar, I was most concerned about. Since I had no small paper bags I made an envelope from some brown art paper I have., and put them in, sealed. This morning I opened the bag…! Hey they actually feel dry to the touch! Woohoo! I think we saved them, just in time. Perhaps the jar isnt the way to go here where Rh is very high. I think I can decarb this small batch of buds soon and will try the tincture or oil extraction.