HeipHelp I don’t know when to start putting my white where I was I’m going to my fifth week starting my six when do I start

What kinda phone is it? Maybe we can guide you that way too.
You will want some way to water them if you are gone for two weeks.
Auto timelines generally go like this (please understand this is a generalization not an exact timeline)
1 week seedling phase
2-4 week vegging phase
7-10 days transition (preflower)
8-10 weeks flower
Harvest when

When you bought the seed, a “flowering time” was listed, go back to that listing and apply it to the timeline. This should give you a ruff estimate of when they will be done.
There are lots of ways to water plants automatically various devices and timers. Best way is to have them watered by someone you trust, don’t pick that 1 friend who is loyal, but dumb like a stump (everybody knows one of these) while you are away.
You will not want to give it nutes unless it is in the phase you are trying to feed. You MUST read more about growing your plants. I can tell by your woes that you have much you need to read.


I was told to use cotton T-shirts wrapping up one and in the dirt with a pencil in the other end in a bucket of water higher than the plants and another way I was told cotton yarn put around the bottom of the Stamms close to the dirt and do the same thing with the water I’m still trying to find somebody I trust that can help me when I’m gone I’m from Nebraska I live in New York I don’t know a whole lot of people out here

Better then nothing at all? Not a good time to leave for two weeks. There are automated watering devices and so forth but they cost money. This sounds like it might have an bunch of water dripping or wicking. It’s good unless it floods your plant and drowns it. How much water will they need over two weeks? Sorry but, I have not read a bunch of threads where someone leaving resulted in a harvest.
Tag in a few folks here @Budz @Myfriendis410 @FullyMedicated @Covertgrower @PurpNGold74 you folks are some of the brightest here on the boards, can you help this grower figure out how to water plants for two weeks while they are out of state?

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Like this. If possible. It’s easy. @Nicky and @PharmerBob are the two I’d ask about auto pots. Here’s an example video. If I ever move to auto pots I guarantee I’ll be digging through both of their journals to get a good idea of what to expect. I like watering my plants tho. Currently. Lol

Note you would be using a reservoir with a pump, preferably. Not a spigot.


The taps a cool idea for summer plants on your deck.

But yes any questions ask away I also have a autopot guide, just search that it will pop up

A lot different auto waterers for vacation.