Height after 8 days

A question from a fellow grower:

.I was also asking where the height and growth should be after 8 days. The 2 that have popped are one inch high with 4 petals each. Is this good ? Is there any picture graph that illustrates what plants shouds look like week by week ?

That sounds like about where mine were at 8 days from sprouting.

No , truthfully you cannot compare growth , many growers uses different methods to simulate the atmosphere that requires for cannabis to thrive , besides different light set-ups also can be a factor .

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What yoshi said seems true to me, i’ve been all over forums researching my first grow. Everyone gets different results. I did mine in soil no nutes to start and here they are at 8 days if you want to compare growth. They are northern lights fem.

They doing great , before you transplant them , give them some kind of root stimulant like B- vitamin nutrients and they will take off . Almost ready to top , but at least another 4 nodes .