Height above seedling using COB 100 watt LED

What is the best height above seedling for first week(s) using a COB 100 watt LED?

Welcome to the community. I think @Covertgrower probably knows. I think he said he uses COB.

If not, someone will pipe in. @dbrn32 should know as he is the Light Guru. :+1::+1::+1:

What exact light do you have? Cob is general term referring to type of led module used. Some of them are great, others are pretty much junk. If you have reflector or lens will change some too

it’s like the one apotforpot sells with single lens only 100 watts

I would havr to go double check, but theirs came with reflector last i knew. Either way, if it’s that kind of components and truly 100 watts, I would start at something like 30" and watch how plant responds.


Ok thanks we’re both on same track. This light is dimmable so assuming 50% was planning on starting at 18" but with humidity here at less than 20% may have to use dome so does this affect the amount of light reaching plant and any adjustments necessary? Also and this may be out of your expertise the way to gauge how plant are doing is if they become leggy. Having no knowledge of what normal looks like what growth heights would be normal during the first 10 days of growth?

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You can dim and run closer. The dome will block some light, but not enough cause you to drastically correct. You would absolutely want to see how your plants respond and adjust as necessary.

Is the hlg 600 QB 288 v2 rspec kit the same as the hlg 600 rspec already built?

Not completely identical. I haven’t seen what they are issuing with kit for a while, but the original had meanwell driver and heatsink was pretty cheesy. I think the current fixture comes with hlg’s heatsink and invertronics driver. They may have made those adjustments to current kit too though.

Thank you

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Looks like the kit has those now too

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I’m about to buy a hlg light. What is the one you would get for a 4x4 space?
I dont want to waste that much money

Hlg-600. If you order before 10/31 from hlg they are 15% off. Price is something like $720. Plenty of people were more than happy with it for $1050 a year ago.

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Thanks for all your help

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