Heavy wieght dream machine

This is heavy weight dream machine

<img I love from the very first set of real leaves, it puts out 2 sets of branches as if I had pinched ,the tops out of them , and just keeps doubling each set, 1st time growing in auto pots and hydroponically, and enjoying it 100% ,


Looks lush as mate. Healthy little lassy

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not trying to sound rude or anything like that!

But, I should warn you before Latewood sees this. The members lounge is to be used for everything and anything EXCEPT growing cannabis and the likes of it lol. I’m sure if you ask the @ILGM_Support @Support_Team that they can move this thread into a better category for you.

I’d love to follow the grow!


How do I remove it, I put itin pic’s as there where so many others`


Welcome to ILGM
You are for given… lol
We can move your tread for you no worries.after all you are new. I I can’t o it I’ll ask @latewood.
Nice looking plant by the way.