Heavy Hitters Mixpack grow (Goldleaf as well)

Very busy lately with work and various other creative projects… have kept these ladies in their little starting squares for the past month, tonight I am going to transplant into 3 Gallon fabric pots and get them vegging out!!!

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^Gold leaf, the smallest of the 4 , just topped

^Blue Dream, the biggest of the bunch, topped 1.5 weeks ago

^Mk Ultra, second largest, topped 1 week ago

^Gorilla Glue the second smallest, topped 4 days ago.

All four of the ladies vegging out nicely…sorry for the lack of in depth updates,


my timer just hiccupped, lost six hours of daylight this morning, probably going to leave the lights on all night tonight to even things out…hope is alright!!

Everything is great back to normal…probably going to conclude this here due to extreme lack of interest, maybe ill post a finish post… we will see!


ever feel like your talking to noone>?


Your plants look gorgeous, and it really looks like you’ve got this under control. We are watching.

All the time man :joy: Your plants look great :+1: I’m set to watch

Don’t feel bad ross-tafarian. I don’t see much activity in my journal unless I send out a tag. I put it out there for me to have something to reference to AND to share with other growers in the hopes something I do/have happen helps them with their grow. You’re girls look great, but I don’t think you need us to tell you (especially not me who is on his first grow and a half lol).

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Nice looking ladies very healthy greenery ya got going on there!

Hey thank you everybody for the kind words…its not that i need people to tell me my shit looks good…i already know that…(just kidding)…i cant really say anything because i havent been extremely present here on this site. i will make an honest effort to try and do my part and advise others where i can, help out and tell others when their shit looks great as well!..anyways heres the ladies. i put the blue dream and mk ultra into my flowering tent and left the gold leaf and gorilla glue to veg out for another week or so.

BLue DReam ^^^

MK ultra ^^^

GOld LEaf ^^^

GOrilla GLue ^^^

BLue DReam + MK ultra under the PHOTOBIO

Again, next to some GUava TAngie and CItrus FArmer ladies that should be done in a week or so when the GOrilla GLue and GOld LEaf are ready to flower…i know they are a mess, they kind of got away from me (height wise) but i just harvested a solid HP from the first half of my flowering tent, i expect a little less than a pound total.

GOrilla GLue and GOld LEaf still vegging out. the white perilite looking stuff on the top of my soil is not perilite, it is a product called gnat nix, just a natural way to prevent soil and fungus gnats and stuff, i have had enormous success with it, i basicaly have zero flies or anything, without using any chemicals. supposedly its leftover product from glass manufacture, similar to diatomaceious earth… (butchered that one auto correct cant even help me) just very small sharp objects that kill small bugs and their larvae.

also i am seriously looking into purchasing a second PHOTOBIO light, this time with the S1 spectrum, i have the S4 spectrum…S1 is just made specifically for flowering, more far red and infrared spectrum. the S4 can do both but doing some research and looking at other peoples results with the S1 spectrum the difference seems to be staggering…

this is what i have http://photobioled.com/Technology/PHOTOBIO-T
this is what i want http://photobioled.com/Technology/PHOTOBIO-T-DUO

again thanks for the responses everyone! Keep at it and never stop dont stop!

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THIS IS ALL ROUGHLY TWO WEEKS INTO 12/12 flip for Blue Dream and MK Ultra

^Far away shot of my cannafactory…3X3 veg/clone tent on the left and 4X2 flower tent on right.

^ Flowering tent, Blue dream and Mk Ultra on right. The plants on the left are finishing up and should be done very soon, then i will be able to move the Gold Leaf and Gorilla Glue into the flowering tent.

^Gorilla Glue and Gold Leaf, still in veg tent, waiting for space to clear up in Flowering tent…Man i cant wait till i have the space to have a grow room rather than a tent or a closet…cant wait.

^The next generation of plants…took two clones of each strain…i dont keep mothers i just keep on cloning…

^MkUltra before being lollipopped.

^Blue Dream Before being lillipopped.

^Before defoliation/Lollipoping

^Tops before defoliation/Lollipoping

^After Lollipop/Defoliation

^Blue Dream Lollipop

^MK Ultra Lollipop

^Tops after Lollipop/Defoliation.

Looking forward to this run, as i have basically been running the same two strains before this for over a year. so it will be nice to see something different and experience the different strains. Also, after this run i have plans to try my hand at some breeding. I have a select male from a Guava Tangie seed that i have almost thrown away on a few occasions. Im glad i kept him because after this grow im going to flower the male out in my tent with all the strains that i have got…so hopefully i will end up with some interesting crosses and results…did i mention i cant wait till i have my own space and am not confined to growing in tents…

anyways thank you for taking the time to look at my set up and what not!


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^Gorilla Glue going into flower

^Gorilla Glue top down

^Gold Leaf before flower

^Gold Leaf top down

^Flower tent

^Wide shot

^Gold Leaf in front, Gorilla Glue in back

^Next generation of plants, cloned and rooted.

^Blue Dream Progress

^MK Ultra progress.

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Went on vacation this past Saturday, got home today, Tuesday and my blue dream fan leaves got some spots…any iders??

cal mag maybe… Mine looked similar and I was told I had a magnesium deficiency (rust looking spots)

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