Heavy duty aluminum foil reflective


Is heavy duty aluminum foil a good reflective.
Question: shiny side towards the light or not?
Read that the faded side must be towards the light…


There are better choices for reflective material:

-flat white paint
-panda paper


A quick reference guide

“Material: Reflectivity:
Mylar 90 – 98 %
Foylon 92 - 95 %
BW poly 85 - 90 %
Flat white paint 60 - 90 %
Mirror 82 - 87 %
Glossy white paint 70 - 80 %
Aluminium foil (flat side) 50 - 70 %
Black paint < 10 %”

you’ll have to look at the “hidden posts” from pigSquishy



Why are all his post hidden? I never looked at them because I figured they were racist remarks or something over the top.


Thanks, before coffee I couldn’t think of the most common one !

Mylar is better than aluminum foil, aluminum foil doesn’t work well, it crinkles, has hot spots, it just really isn’t a good choice

If you’re looking for the simplest and most cost-effective with proven results, flat white paint may be the way to go ?


It also makes a difference whether you are using LEDs or HIDs. LEDs are more direct and reflection is not as much of a factor I believe.


Sometimes I wonder how much “reflection” adds as a supplemental light source…by the time light reaches the wall and bounces back, it’s lost a significant amount of useful energy.

Mylar isn’t too expensive, panda film is a little less, paint is the most economical

@TacoMac I dunno why pigSquishy’s posts are hidden…he left the forum, maybe standard procedure?
He had lots of info, but tended to ramble on, and he developed a hatred for Monsanto and it’s products, especially Miracle Grow. A shame, so many people start out and continue using their stuff.


I recommend Panda Film @coenraad it’s cheap and super easy to put up and install. Can be washed and reused as well.


Thanks, got a online website that sells it per square meter, can not find it in any shops in South Africa, the currency conversion in Rands is a bit high for anything. We still years behind the world.:monkey_face: