Heating in a small 1 1/2' x 2 1/2' metal cabinet


I have a small “Husky” brand metal cabinet in my garage that I’m growing in and currently is 60 at night and 80-90’s during day. Granted its end of summer so things are fine. I’m wanting to grow through winter but the temps in my garage get down to 40’s at night, and 60’s during daytime. I understand those temps are pretty mild in comparison to other areas but I’m trying to figure out the best way to heat it. I do photos and i could run lights at night, but if running an exhaust fan to keep humidity down it’s going to pull pretty cool air in regardless. Its a small area and a space heater is likely going to put out too much dry air in a small area and they typically pull 500 watts or so and I really don’t want to pull that much electricity.

I’ve looked at tube heaters but they’re all coming from the UK with different plugs (which I can get an adapter for of course) and I’m having trouble finding any that are made and sold here in US. Not that this is really an in issue but I’m just having trouble finding anything online that seems like it has good reviews. Heating mats look like an option, but I’m not sure if it will bring enough heat. If I insulate with styrofoam I may be able to keep the metal cabinet from pulling too much heat off the pad and radiating it outside but I’m worried about it being enough overall. I’ve looked at chicken coup heaters but I don’t think one would fit in the cabinet.

I’m also concerned about the air exchange bringing in so much cold air and being able to heat it well enough as its bringing in cold air. Maybe I could run a dehumidifier instead of running an exhaust but i’m worried about space.

So I guess I’m asking for anyone’s experience with heating pads, tubes or maybe they’ve had a similar situation with a small closet in a garage outside the ambient warmth of the living quarters of a house/apartment. Should I not try to exchange air? Should I use a dehumidifier instead?

Any thoughts are appreciated

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I had tried a coop heater my areas bigger than yours but even in my 2x4 closet I didnt feel it worked enough. Added blankets to the outside so in the winter months when its dark it can maintain i have a heat comes on at 63 degrees also have a meter that can show me what the draw is and adjust around. Found the inkbird heat controller is better than letting the built in Thermostat run it.

I would run the lights at night when cold, and if it gets down to 60 degrees during the day when lights are out that wouldn’t be a problem.