Heating a grow tent

From a fellow grower: I am installing a grow tent in my unheated garage. What would
be the best method of heating the grow tent?

Even with temps hitting here in the low 50’s, my two kits of HLG 260xl rspec keeps the tent warm.

Now if I lived where I am from, I’d building a extra shell around the 3 sides of the tent and add some insulation. This would help keep the heat in.

But this would also probably drop the RH% in the tent down so a humidifier would probably be needed.

Side bar…what temps is this person going to have? That is a must have knowledge so a good game plan can be implemented.

I would try running the lights of the night during the coldest part of the day hopefully the heat off the lights will do it if not you can add a heater outside the tent. And pull the warm air in the tent at the bottom through the pass through hole and exhaust hot stale air out the top with exhaust fan. Hope that helps good luck

A radiator styler plug in heater in the room outside the tent with a thermostat will help. I would also place a some styrofoam insulation boards under the tent so the plants are not on a cold floor inside the tent.


Someone here recommended a 5 gal bucket, filled with water, with an aquarium heater keeping the temp stable.

Seems like the safest route to me.

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