Heater suggestion 2x4 tent

I need to get a heater for my 2x4 tent. obviously not much space so size is a concern and dont want to blow directly on plants. what do you guys suggest?

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these are great and have a digital thermostat

This sounds wild but works beautifully: 5 gallon bucket full of water with an aquarium heater (submersible) set to 80F.


you could put a heater outside the tent and use the intake to transfer the warmer air in the tent. Depending on the temp outside the tent, you may need to enclose heater and intake into something so your not fighting the outside tent temps, just an idea to not use up tent space…


would this bring humidity in tent up too much?


Do your lights not produce enough heat inside the tent? Or is this supplemental heat for lights out?

Nah; you can even put the lid on it. You are setting the thermostat to something like 85F so you aren’t boiling water or anything.


If not already good to run lights at night. Helps balance the temperature. Lights off daylight hours. Good luck

my tent is in basement. winter it will get down to 45 in basement

That is good for storing vegetables! Definitely too cold for plants though.

I find for the cheap heater I use that this ink bird controller keeps better control of the temps.
The stat on the units themselves only work so so

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That porcelain space heater sounds interesting. One thing to bear in mind is some digital appliances don’t allow external control, such as an Inkbird controller. So if you want to use a heater or dehumidifier etc. Its best to find analog non digital ones, unless they have a manual on off settings.

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Like I said…Cheap Heater …Lol

I suspect you’re going to run into issues keeping your space ideal temp with a small heater. You will still need to have some air exchange for co2 replacement.

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I wonder if it would be possible to run a vent hose with an inline fan from a heated space from upstairs and simply adjust the flow to maintain the appropriate temp? Like an AC Infinty, maybe a 6"?


I’m sure if you ran an infinity 6” directly from a heated space, directly into your tent, you’d be fine.
Keep in mind that hot air rises, so a duct from the floor would not bring in as much warm air as one on the ceiling. You may also lose a few degrees depending on the run of the ducting through the basement.

I grow in a basement. I was using a space heater on a thermostat. It worked fine, but the “fire” thing is starting to bother me.

I’m going to try the 5 gal bucket/aquarium heater next.

I won’t be able to run hose from heated area, still trying to conceal the tent and grow from kids.

I do kinda like the 5 gal heater bucket, just wish it didn’t take up so much space. I could probably use a lid with some holes cut in side to let heat out better and put small plant on top of bucket when space is needed.

Gonna think about this one some more.

I’d think holes would increase rh. I’m pretty sure the bucket will radiate plenty of heat without them.

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I’m thinking that the idea of the bucket is a thermal mass radiator. The heat escapes through the sides! Could be mistaken though? It’s a very good idea, I use the same concept with 40 gallon food safe barrels heated in the day time by the sun, for my greenhouse.

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