Heater recommendations?

Can anybody here recommend a good heater for a 4 foot by 8 foot grow tent?

Oil filled radiators are good for heating those spaces. Make sure to cover any lights.


I have a Delonghi ceramic tower heater. Small foot print, built-in thermostat and it oscillates. I believe Sam’s Wholesale Club has them for around $49 Regardless of what you use, as @Covertgrower pointed out make sure to cover any lights on it with black electrical tape.


Thanks for the tip. I have a question tho. Since it oscillates, do you still run a oscillating fan to push air?

Yes airflow is so important to growing and those heater fans don’t blow very hard. You want your plants to move from the wind. Weed is pollinated by airborne pollen the female makes gewy sticky stuff that is loved by many to catch the pollen from the air, so it’s said if it’s windy they’ll make more sticky stuff to increase the chances of catching some pollen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: