Heat stress problem

Well…I think I have my heat problem either fixed or waayyy better than it was!!! Dummass me forgot I had an access door to the attic right there in the room!!! This house is kinda funky the way it’s built. No attic upstairs but this door leads to where the upstairs A/C unit is at. I was now able to run my exhaust from the tent and the light into this “attic space” so to speak so I’ll giv’er a few hours and then check the temp. Gotta do’er before 4pm cause I have the girls on the 12/12 light cycle. This is only the 3rd full day of 12/12 so a ways ta go yet!
See ya’ll !!!


That’s pretty much what i did .! Only I took the two ceiling vents out and ran my tent vents up into the attic that took care of my heat problem


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