Heat stress? Or other issues

I have been having a few days in the past few weeks were temps in the tent have been 86-87 - i have added another fan and have gotten it down to 82-84.

Central air is 70-73 consistently
2x4 tent in a double closet- closet door open and room fan on consistently.
6" ac infinity extraction but i have no were to have it exit the room
Vivaspectra p2500
Ph to 6.3-6.5 - have been feeding 1/2 strength fox farm grow big and big bloom.

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If u have heat issues you can open ur tent up and put a aircon in front of it if u have a portable one i have hear issues i have temps around 28-32 degrees Celsius

Curious why half strength in the nutrients. They look hungry for nitrogen but that’s just because they seem too light almost turning yellow


If u can exhaust into another room or out a window ur temps will go down a good amount. I had these issues also vented to upper crawl space and no more heat issues like so. If u r by a window u can use put the intake and exhaust in the window to pull fresh air in and exhaust the hott air outside. Have a 2x2 going by my neighbors and having his exhaust vent outside is cool u can see the steam like a dryer is running on cooler days lol. Neighbors ask him alot why he has a dryer in his front bedroom. Lol.

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I have been slowly increasing the amount i have been feeding as this is the first time i have used the fox farm trio with autos.

I have no way of venting out of the room it is in.

No window - cannot cut any holes in the dry wall or anything else to vent.

Cannot run it of the closet as the tent needs to be able to be sealed up and closet doors closed when we have guest over.

I have considered a small ac unit but again i cannot leave the tent open 24/7

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By flowering, they should be a full nutes… even with a super soil, IMHO


My advice is to change your light schedule. I had a major heat problem, and I was advised to go to 6/2, 6/2, 6/2. It really helped. Since they are autos they won’t care. Mine grew better once I made the switch.

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I was having a heat problem in the flower tent also - high 80’s - in the closet and nowhere to vent just like you. I did three things; increased exhaust rate (which tanked humidity), added a fan to blow in cool air through one of the lower vents (my closet doors have vents), and repositioned a clip-on fan to aim at the portal on the top of the tent. Not optimal due to a bit of smell leaking out.

I have been told tiger bloom is fairly hot so to start with 1/8th strength for autos …

Im open to any suggestions

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That wont up my chances of a hemi?
I had one my first grow and it was chaulked to possible light leak during dark periods or stress


Upping my exhaust rate has had minimal impacts, iv tried multiple settings.

At this point i have a large oscillating fan hanging blowing tops of the canopy and a fan on the floor of the tent in front of the left side vent blowing to the front right side of the tent wete i have the bottom of the tent door unzipped.

82-85 degrees still at 40ish rh

Sorry, I looked back to the first post and didn’t see they were autos. The Big Bloom is very mild but has no N, I use it all the way through flower when they look hungry. Grow Big is for vegetative stage only. Because of shorter growing period for autos, you are correct, your soils should carry you but I don’t know what soil you are using either. I would still go 1/2 strength and only feed every 2 or 3 waterings.

Was the hermie plant an auto or a photo? Even photos can be vegged on the 6/2 schedule, it can’t be flowered on it, you need the extended dark.

I’m thinking it is, b/c autos don’t care about light periods very much, they do their own thing on their own time table.

I believe - but do not know for certain - that photos are the ones who get hermied by light leaks.

Yes these are all autos - we are in a 70/30 mix of ocean forest and happy frog.

To be clear i haven’t started the tiger bloom yet. I have been feeding grow big and big bloom since week 3 - currently on week 6 ( sprouted 1/22)

Hermi was an auto. But it was my first grow back and my lighting was under powered so stress is my guess.
( have had this same hest issue all along )
This was the most recent harvest

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Yeah, Grow Big is only for vegetative stage

Beautiful bud!