Heat stress, curled up leaves. Are they permanently damaged?

After I get all I got growing done I should have a better feel to the indoor thing

Nice, I agree with the hydroponics they make a meter called a ppm meter it reads the ph of the water I don’t know if your available to one but they are a great investment for hydroponic growers. The time I’ve grown I’ve used soil so you either had to add slight nutrients, as well as take some out depnding in atmospheric pressure and growing medium it’s a pain in the butt to figure out what’s what it took me 2 years before I figured it all out and now 6 years into I have ran multiple expirements and read all the books to growing there is to read plus did further research and it has definatley paid off, I have experienced just about every thing and ruined hundreds of plants and learned from mistakes haha

Also how’s the heat lowering working for them if there is noticable difference in them yet and my opinion indoor and hydroponics were the hardest to learn

No change yet but I’ll update you on it tomorrow

Alright sweet sounds good best of luck hopefully there is progress by morning

here’s my lady that’s 2 an half months old in soil I’m going to flower after these heat get done

Hey hey looks like your actually getting some progress, they look good for 2 months old, i was gunna wait another 2 months until i flowered my last so she’d be 3 months old. But back to your lady’s with the first picture seen and the one now there’s a difference with positive progression to healing, or atleast it looks like it through picture forgive me if I’m wrong, but very nice job.

Help please

Thanks man .
and for this one that said "help me"this guy that’s been helping me with mine will be back tomorrow so tell me what u feed it an what kind of nuitunts u use an the temperature an we see if we can help if I can’t this other guy can so tell us these things to help us understand the problem

Have u gave it any nitrogen

Hey Toker why would the ones in my bubbler do the wilting an twists when the other ones I have in soil don’t do any thing at all in 75 to 80 degrees only the 3 in the bubbler is doing it I have 12 more that are in soil an they look great though it all?

I think it could be that it needs nitrogen unless u no for sure u have nitrogen in your water when u feed it

No that’s the one in soil it wasn’t anything wrong with it just the 3 in the hydroponics system is being messed up by these thing an they are same strain as the one u seen in the bucket of soil that u thought was better.
Is it possible that it’s not heat an it’s all the other things u told me because it’s only the hydroponics system the ones in it that are wilting an twists an truns.Ps they are still the same this morning I’m going to get super thrive today an hopefully it works out for me .thanks for your help stay in touch

Yea it could most definatley be every thing else I told you besides the heat, for wilting and twisting wilting could be do to numbers of things, the twisting in the stock along with wilting is definitely some thing to do with nutrients

That looks like a number of possibilities all ask a friend when he gets up and I’ll put up a post

So, wwboy, I read up more for you, the reason that they are twisting and wilting in the hydro bubblers is because it has a nitrogen defiency and that’s what’s causeing the twisting and wilting, could also be that your roots aren’t getting the space they need. So give a tad bit increase on it. Also is your growing medium coco

@Majiktoker and @wwboy,

Just an FYI,

A pH meter is not the same as a PPM meter, they are two different things and measure very different things.


And also if you read my posts I explain every thing including the difference in a ppm meter and a ph tester

I just quoted exactly what you did actually say…

A ppm meter does not measure pH, not unless it is a dual pH and PPM meter.

You are using general hydroponics flora bloom and caroboload only?

You might have deficiencies, but they might not be because they are lacking in your reservoir’s water.

The high temps are not good in general, but in a DWC bubbler, they are significantly detrimental. The reservoir, especially in a DWC bubbler, needs to stay no higher than about 75-78* with tons of aeration. And actually it really shouldn’t get above about 72-73F and ideally is better at 69-70f , as above these temps the dissolved oxygen levels in the water become way too low, higher temperature water just can’t hold dissolved oxygen very well at all. And your roots need lots of oxygen. This temperature problem at the roots could be causing deficiencies as the roots can’t function and absorb nutrients properly without enough oxygen. This same type of nutrient deficiency can occur in soil as well, even without high temps in the case of over-watering, drowning roots will often make a plant look like it is suffering various nutrient deficiencies. Roots drown when there is not enough oxygen available to them.