Heat stress, curled up leaves. Are they permanently damaged?

I got 3 white widow auto’s. on the tops an my tent got real hot just one time an they got stressed an curled leaves but are an now 24 hours later they are coming out of it slowly will this hurt them on making best yield they are in a hydroponic bubbler ph 5.5 to 6.5 under hps 400watt light

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tell me what to do

Honestly i wanna say no I have a girl scout cookie and snowcap hybrid that sent through the same thing a couple days ago and now she is Doing good after she got left in cooler climates for about 36-48 hours she came out slowly but surely.

How much water do your lady’s get?

This is two that is doing this temp is low 68 high 88 but this next one is right beside it in the same hydroponic bubbler an it don’t look this way they are twisted an wilted

They are in a hydroponic bubbler an the water is About 1in below the cups in a 10 gallon tote them two look alot different then the 3rd one right beside them what’s going on

Here’s the other one

They are white widow auto’s from ilgm.com

I think it might be something to do with something besides heat I just need help to find out

Try and adjust your head down to 77 during the day and leave it at 68 during the night, you should see a pretty descent change in them within the next couple days as for some thing else test the ph for the water she could possibly be to rich in iron or possibly even potassium try and reduce the amounts of iron and potassiam and try and give a slightly increase amount of boron to help strengthen up there stocks. Let me know how every thing goes.

What do I give them for boron to increase that

Thanks I just feed them a quarter of what it says of flora bloom an caroboload

Ok stop giving those for about 3-5 days and, as for the boron if you have a flower shop available they should have solutions with boron to help use that I use a tad bit of stuff I think it’s called open sesame or cha ching and they one of those 2 have what Wil straighten the stocks, I’ll check and I’ll get back at you

The stuff I give them is cha ching of course I use other stuff to, but cha ching had about the right amount of water I will give you an early heads up its usually used from middle of flowering to the end, however it should not ruin any thing, if any thing it will just boost the trichome level and they will get really thick but you only use it once a week for yours id say about 1/2 tsp should be supreme if it’s mixed with other nutrients or used as a stand alone, if it sits in the water resovoir same amount but flush once every two weeks (stand alone) otherwise give a half a tsp

Here’s one I have in soil that I took out of that bubbler a week ago to have more room where they could do there thing now I wish I took them all out they were growing so good an then bam this happen

I had that happen to this girl a couple days so I think I can actually help you out because the exact same thing happened to her. She is in soil as well, and I changed the temperature for the day down to 66-68 degrees during the day and 60-64 and she has been in that climate for 4 days now and she looks much better

And if possible try to increase the zinc looks like that’s a possible factor as well

This is what she does in a climate at 73 degrees and I just took this picture she has been in this for an hour and already folding in her leaves so deinatley try for a little cooler, and you can see how her leaves started to fold in and twist up and stick together. hopefully we can make some progress id really like to be able to help

Thanks for the help I’m working on that temp I have it down to 73 I’m trying to dial it in zinc what helps with that this hydroponic bubbler systems are alot of work an can be overwhelming I guess soil has all that stuff in it an in hydroponic u have to add everything to it I’m buying floral go box to try an get a better harvest on my other baby’s I got started ak47 og kush an skunk, white widow auto’s