Heat stress bad Plants don’t look good

I have heat stress. What can I do

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We may need more details regarding the setup to offer suggestions. What size room, what type of light and how close to the plant is it? Do you have and exhaust fan or circulation fans?

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I have 3 54w Optic 1 lights Raised to the ceiling.
My grow tent is 60 x 60 x 80. I’m growing white widow auto
And I have the regular circular fan

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I’ve used 1/4 cup of aloe per gallon as a foilar spray, after lights out, for heat stress.

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All of the branches are skinny will they get big again if I use the aloe


I’ve never really paid attention to the stems but the leaves seen to appreciate it. It would hurt any

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Ok Any special kind do you have a picture of the bottle

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Why do you feel they have heat stress? Plants look healthy to me. I’m not a big fan of spraying anything on the leaves. Even with just water you can burn the leaves. Additives can plug the leaves pores etc. just leads to more problems.


I use raw aloe, straight from the plant, only during vegg stage. I use aloe as a soil drench during flowering stage. Haven’t had any problems wat so ever.

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I just bought a portable ac unit to get my temps lower in flower. It’s kinda expensive (315 from amazon) but if I can maintain low 70s it’ll be well worth it. Make sure if you go this route to vent outside the area you’re trying to cool


From the photos I’ve seen and some videos

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Mine tend to curl a little while I harden them off, but they get used to it after a while. But I’m with @Sirsmokesalot an ac is the way to go,if growing inside

Ok thank you

What are your ambient temps?

IMO 75°-80°F is my ideal temp and my girls really like them temps the best. I don’t worry about my temps until I cross 83°F!! Best of luck with your grow!!

Are you in hydro? That makes a difference

Thank you no I’m using dirt

Ok. In hydro you have to be concerned about water temperature

Water schedule? Im holding 81 and no heat stress. How dry you letting em get. Underwater will droop and twist. Like its drying out the leaves. Do you have a lot of air blowing on em.

Yes I keep a fan on them coming in and out now that you say that it might be under watered