Heat stress autoflower grow

@Chriscrappie1234 I grow alot of autos as well and each one is different I understand you probably no that as well but when I zoomed in on the first 3 pics the buds on the bottom still have alot of white hairs looks really good though


Good luck with your grow. Few of us have anything to offer if you already know everything and are criticizing every reply.


@Chriscrappie1234 I’m gonna agree with @Aussie_autos. The last set of pic definitely has a couple weeks, maybe more. No need to lash out at others trying to help.


Cheers @Borderryan22 i appreciate it ,we are here trying to help each other and share knowledge theres no room for nonsense lets keep it a happy community and learn from each other .


I moved your duplicate thread back to your first one. Don’t make duplicate posts, expecting different results. Everyone assisted you, and gave their polite respectful opinion.

Every single member on this forum has experience, knowledge, most of all kindness. If you’re not able to be kind and respectful in tone to other members, then it may be time to head to a different forum.

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Ive never seen an autoflower done in 50 days outright. Only seen one or two LOOK ready by day 75 from seed. I inclined to agree with @Aussie_autos n @Borderryan22 n the others. None look heat stressed. They look N toxic.

N you do look to have ~3 weeks minimally left.

Also check @Covertgrower post. Respect goes a long way. Even if you didnt like the members’ answers. Dont make it less true, and if it was incorrect, there’s a way to say it. Try not to be rude my dude


New white pistils is not always meaning the plant has too much heat. Could be too much light or too close. Heat stress makes the leaves appear to be dehydrated looking. I’d get a good watering PhD with calmag only and soak the plant down and get some runoff. Umbers. I’m. Setting the runoff. Umbers r gonna be super high somewhere there is a lockout causing an issue and I’d soak the piss out of it flush it good and see where that leads u. Leaves won’t go to norm but u will see if the issue is resolved or getting worse on u. Shooting white pistils can just be a sign that the plant is almost done and she is throwing out her last efforts to make the goods. After seeing pics lol it just looks like the plant might be on its second phase of fattening up. Be easy on how much nutes u throw at her also as that could be a reason she is throwing pistils also.


Yup. Nitrogen is notorious for prolonging the pistil development and causing foxtails


Yeah with autos I think if u keep feeding hard they will keep throwing tails at u. I think that’s where I went wrong with my autos is overfeeding them too much. I fed them like I do my photos and they grew great but either would foxtail bad or would be larfy buds and overfeeding is a major sing of larfy bud or the plants foxtailing real bad. Light and heat also cause the foxtails but I was reading that overfeeding will cause it just as well.

Rollitup dot org is probably a better fit for you if you are not capable of recognizing that the following was flat out rude.

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No worries guys I’ll never post here again it’s funny because I’ve been nothing but respectful on this forum always acknowledging my faults @Covertgrower you tagged this previous post where everyone helped me did you tag my other where these very people gave me advice and I thanked them. I literally follow the instructions from @Borderryan22 @PurpNGold74 to the T I explained these plants have never got nutes pure ph water allowing run off every time no need to attack me at all I litterally have gave everyone here all there props

I guess I meant to say if your not going to actually read and take what I say seriously then don’t post because since my last grow I’ve literally grown nothing but gas from the help of you guys

Same strains under the right room temp and no hot lights 55 days in

@MidwestGuy thanks for the advance will take it deleting my membership now good look to you all !!!

I get what ur getting at. But the pictures tell a different tale. U asked about heat stress, I dont see a single heat stressed leaf. I mean maybe one Leaf out of 5 pictures of plants. However I see multiple instances of N burn as I keep saying.

Im sorry if you dont like the vibe. But imo u got sound advise. If u havent fed those plants anything but water start to finish, the medium must be either 50/50 compost/soil or MG, because those do not look like hungry plants.

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Good luck man. RIU is a decent enough place (most days). May ur questions be answered and ur buds be plentiful


Thanks @PurpNGold74 and yeah in my first post ever I posted plants that I gave nutes to way early and you personally taught me not to feed in fox farm until I seen deficiencies I know I talk in jibberish here but I actually have a business degree and do well for myself I understand how to listen all I was saying is I listened the first post from you guys

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FFOF only goes 4-6 weeks. But to have a toxicity without having fed for almost 9 weeks is uncommon. It’s not your lights. It’s a nutritional issue.

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Exact opposite of me. I talk with clarity here. In person my country butt all southern drawl and rambles lol.

But u know we get defensive for our members. Not tryna run ya off. Just not seeing what u see.

That second set of plant pics do look deficient. But the ones from yesterday not so much…


I’ve seen were you get a couple of bags of ffof and some are hotter than the others.

Same here. But ive never had a bag last 2 months. Thats pushing some supersoils to the limit and FF is more of a semi super semi living soil


There you go, and you are exactly right. We all have our moments. We’ve had a few members get off to a rocky start that have since become important members of the community.

All we ask is to keep it respectful toward other members.

Happy growing.