Heat or Sunlight for last 3 weeks of outdoor flower

Hi. I got a late start this year and I should be about 3 weeks from harvest. Unfortunately, the temperature has dropped last few weeks. It’s now high 50’s in the day and high 30’s at night. I’ve been covering my plants with visqueen at night for some insulation and it gets nice and warm insight when the morning light hits it. The visqueen admits about 85% of sunlight.

My question is whether I should continue to uncover my plants every day to maximize sunlight at the cost of lower ambient temps or if I should keep the plastic on to raise daytime temps at the cost of reduced sunshine. Buds are looking good and big with only about 3 weeks to go (assuming flowering time of 9-10 weeks is accurate).

Does anybody have any experience keeping your plants maturing while the temp drops for the season?

The only issue I see covering them for long periods is air movement. Could run into mold issues alot easier by having stagnant air. I’m not an outdoor grower so I’m not sure if the cold temps would stall the plant. I do know that it will tremendously slow down nutrient uptake.

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Thx for the insight. The cold has definitely slowed nutrient uptake. Used to water every day and now it takes 2-3 days to dry out. I test with a moisture meter to make sure I don’t have soggy soil to avoid root rot.