Heat mat for my seedlings

My young seedlings are on there fourth day to adulthood. I germed them on a heating pad,on the lowest setting.my question is,now that they have obtained there first true set of leaves,is it necessary to keep them on the heat mat or is the light enough to get em by.my temp reading is at a steady 80 degrees at all times,but my soil seems too be drying out too quickly. Using fox farm soil so im certain thats not the problem.any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Be patient. Do not over water. They look great. You should be able to grow those seedlings 5-6" high in those cups before transplanting. :slight_smile:

Thanks,they are growing so fast.last night i noticed they were obtaining another set of leaves.am having a bit of a stretching issue due to poor light positioning I appreciate your response, i think what yaw are doing is pretty amazing.

We are so glad to help you grow in the right direction. :slight_smile: Invest in a decent light set up. When you are ready, shoot me a message, and I will give you a link to an affordable HID light system. I got one for 120 bucks…PRICELESS…LOL

Haha.I’m actually ready for that link.I don’t mind at all in investing in the right direction. I actually just obtained two 150w reptile uvb light setups from a friend,just a little unsure its the right direction to go??it puts out a little too much heat

I figured for the time being I could run em an excess of about four to six feet away from the plants,until I get my other setup. it’ll be about another week before I upgrade .I know I read somewhere that uvb are great for THC content.thanks for the reply,as u can guess this is my first grow.lol