Heat mat for germination

Hi everyone, this is my first topic here and I thought, since I am about to start my winter ops, should I be using a heat mat to germinate and maintain seedlings? My room temps fluctuate a lot now that winter is approaching, we heat exclusively with wood.
So I guess I’m wondering if any of you have some cool tricks to improve starts?

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@Cannabian I don’t use a heating mat to do my seeds. I just put them in a glass with filtered water for up to 20 hours. Then into damp toilet paper for up to 48 hours then straight into my grow bucket.

I used my bathroom as it’s the coldest room when the heat isn’t on and when it is, I switch to my grow room.

I see other growers using Hydrogen Peroxide and I don’t even use that.


Thanks for the reply! Normally I do the same, with fresh viable seeds I typically plant direct to coco.
My latest issue is some 1975 ish bag seed from Mexican cartel weed that I successfully transported, and unknowingly, from Sacramento to BC around 1980! The seed was in film canister and many of them sprouted in 1992? The plants were super tall, 15 feet on average! Finished in mid Oct. I had pollinated with a male of the same seed stock. Seems the seed is stubborn as none germinated on my attempt last year. But the pot was so good I have to try again. So I was thinking of trying some GA3 on some after scarification with sand paper? I only have 20 or so left!!! This is apparently super rare weed? Apparently, considered extinct, mexican highland, used to be called red hair here in BC. The plants were all but destroyed by fire and parquat by the DEA and then the cartels stopped growing this strain in favor of cocaine. Hence the strain only existed in bag seed. I have not been able to find a single seed bank in years of searching. I have to get 1 female and a male, no matter the quality.

We get tons and tons of Mexican weed pimp rolling through our town on a daily basis. I live literally not even 2 miles off a major drug corridor from Mexico. It’s all crap now. The stuff they grow now is sub par at best. It’s good for making Super Cannabutter as I call the stuff I make.

Hell I can get it for $50 to $60 per oz all day long. With those seeds being that old you will probably want to try the Hydrogen Peroxide method. I never have tried it as we don’t keep it in the house.

I know the junk weed you are talking about, this ain’t it! It’s Mexican Highland for sure! Looks like a pine tree, smells lemony, high is clear and energetic but mildly hallucinatory. A pinner did 4 guys nicely, had one guy freak out on the garage floor! Light weight for sure but funny to watch!

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I always use a heat mat. It works for me. I have a buddy who swears by putting it on top of the fridge. I also never soak my seeds. Straight to a moist warm towel. In 48 hrs bam… tap root. The heat i think makes the plant more assure spring has sprung. Not just a rainy day. Of course this is my opinion and thats why I love growing and love this site. Everyone finds their own way. But we all learn from each other. So, cool. MAN IM BAKED…


And I would totally be into trying to bread ur old seeds, keep us informed. Keep going for it.

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Me too lol!

The last attempt failed. May need to do the hydrogen peroxide thing? Do you know of a good recipe?