Heat fried the plants

We’ve been having a heatwave, temps over 100. It peaked a couple days ago at 106 and within just a few hours some of my plants had toasted.

I came home I was just a couple hours late with the watering and half of my plants were already affected by the severe heat. The ones that seemed to be damaged were the older ones. I have a theory they existed in soil that had become acidic over the long haul with time. I’d been fertilizing lightly but not monitoring the ph, the fertilizer had brought the ph down without me paying attention. Anyway I’m taking a nute break. And I’ve been picking off all the dead and dying leaves off the plants. One of my tall plants is practically just sticks now.
Anyway! Things happen in life. And then you die. And then something else happens. Maybe. Lol

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They look big enough that they almost need watered every day I’m sure that will help pull them out of the funk at least I’m praying it will sorry for the high temperatures I had a hell storm a while back that took out everything I had outside

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Thanks. Yeah I don’t really have a question, I just thought I’d throw it out there and that you can do everything right and it can change in one storm or heat wave or alien invasion from another planet!


A little shade helps out alot. I’ve been dealing with heat myself.

Mine actually only get about 5 hours of direct sun. It’s just been unusually hot. 5 out of 16 plants may have been permanently damaged? and taken out of the running. But it’s a dicey business; I’ve never done it before, I don’t have a green thumb at all, or any expectations. The first time you do something is important because your experience could determine whether it’s a repeat performance or whether this is not for you. Last year I was successful growing mushrooms.