Heat Control In Closet

So I’m building a grow area in a closet. I’m running a BloomPlus XP3000. Max percentage I can run this light at is 45% to keep it under 80°. Anymore than that it gets hot in the closet. At 100% it’ll get to 110°.

On the flip side when the lights are off it’ll get down to 59°.

I don’t have the option to put vents in the closet and vent to the attic or cut a hole in the door and vent into the room.

So I’m looking for suggestions on maintaining a temperature in the room. Only thing I can come up with is an InkBird controller with a small space heater and an a/c. But I still got to have a way to vent that a/c heat out…

Thanks guys.

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What do you have for air circulation within the closet and air exchange. Fresh cooler air that is brought into the closet and then exhausted out of the closet will be needed to moderate temps.
This is the intake fan for my 30x72" closet

I have two ceiling fans and a floor fan in the closet to move air as well as an exhaust fan

I have 3 HLG 260 lights in the closet with their drivers mounted outside

It looks like the drivers on the XP3000 can be removed from the fixture.


Yeah you’re going to need air exchange somehow not only to control temps but humidity as well as plants need fresh air exchange to be healthy…
Without being able to cut any holes, only thing i can think would be growing autoflowers only and leaving the door open with fans blowing in and or out of it and try to maintain proper environment in the room the closet is in.

Autoflowers wouldn’t mind not having perfect darkness regularly with the door always open.

That’s assuming smell isn’t and issue though…


I just have fans for the circulation.
Again, I can’t cut holes so the in-line fans are not an option. I don’t have many options as I don’t own the house.

I may have to look at moving the ballasts. But I still need to come up with a way to control the cold too.

Autoflowers are going to be the only thing I’ll be growing.


Autos can be grew out in the open like house plants. Long as you can leave the door cracked enough to let air circulate it would work.

Hey man I work with a closet I can not alter as well, a whole lot to say, I had to try different lights to find what worked for me, cooler drivers etc. But questions how big is your closet, where are you in grow cycle?

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This is my 2x6 with 3 plants, all I use is lights and fans, I am going to be busy here in a while but will answer as soon as I can. This can be done

Happy growing man


Get you a 6" inline fan and filter. I like closet growing…


Ok, back home now. Here’s my setup:
The closet is roughly 3x6 and 8ft high

The area I sectioned off is roughly 2x3. And I made a little door out of cardboard that’s about 5ft tall. I tacked Mylar film over all four sides. The top is open into the closet.


I haven’t started growing yet. I’m running through my setup to see if it’s “worthy” before I start.

Only running lights and fans ehhh? I’d love to hear more about your setup without all the extra equipment.

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Very nice set up, I see you you are in prep, that’s good. You will not worry about temperatures fir a while because for seedlings you will not need lots of wattage, and veg you can do with less too, it’s in flower running 100% and we’ll get to that. During veg complete darkness dose not matter so you can leave door open without problems, when in flower running 100% run 12 hours you are up, for me 8am on 8pm off and keep the door open all day with fans and temperatures are tolerable. And weed is pretty tolerant to 59* or lower, as long as it ain’t in the 40s my daughter puts her plants outdoors at schechy times of year here in the desert, she gets through 32* nights with just buckets covering them. Not advised lol. How many plants are you intending on growing? Just the 2x3 is pretty limited space for two plants, well depending on if you train, but what are you planning on growing also? Autos or photos?

Sorry, was out of town again for a while and all.

I plan on max two plants at a time. I don’t need that much. And they’ll be autoflowers for sure. The first batch I have and will be prepping this week are GDP Autos from ILGM.

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Hey man its your thread on your time lol I get notification when you post. Yes with 2 autos you can fill that space, will be looking forward to you starting your babies, hope you will keep us updated on this thread. I like the look of the granddad purple being 100% indica ( I only grow indica strains) the thc is great and yields according to the breeders remarks. I may buy some of those seeds lol. I ll be watching :+1:

Yep, that’s why I decided to go with the GDP. I only like indicas as well or indica dominant hybrids and it has a reputation of being a great beginner grow.

I plan on creating a spreadsheet with daily notes that I’ll be posting. Probably a Google doc. So keep an eye out :wink:

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When you start your journal tag me like this @RandomW201 except @Dennis62 and I will be notified. I am just starting my new grow I will tag you from there and you can check out my methods and hope you will follow along with me, im at 11 days above ground :+1: Also I have come to understand that indica strains have better bud structure, density and better calyx to leaf ratio. But I will still say I stopped growing autos because of fluffy airy buds, maybe 90 % indica will help with yours, 10% Rudealis (auto gene).

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Awesome! Will do

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59 F is cool but it’s nothing i haven’t done. Run light cycles at night when it’s coolest.

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