Heat control help! New grower!

Hello! I am a new grower and have the following set up

  • 2x2x4 Mars hydro tent
  • Mars hydro sp3000 led light
    -2 6 in clip fans and 1 6 in oscillating fan
  • ac infinity t6 exhaust fan set to speed 3
  • I am using passive intake flaps on the tent

I popped my seeds Thursday I am growing ethos genetics planet of the grapes and end game punch line. My temps stay 72-74 with my tent front flapped unzipped, zipped 76-78 with passive intakes only (front flap closed) I keep my ac in my apartment around 72 degrees. Is there anything else I can do to keep my temps more around that optimal 74? My grow space is unfortunately my room and I have to be careful with light leaks. My led has a removable driver but I noticed setting it outside the tent really has no effect. If my tent stays at 76-78 degrees will that be too stressful of an environment for my plants? Thank you for any advice.

78F peaks isn’t all that bad. Just make sure you have good airflow and plenty of humidity (if in veg.)

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Turn the fan speed up a bit

As in turn it up to 5 and wait a while and see if that helps keep the temp down.

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I’ve messed with exhaust fan speeds and does not help unfortunately.

I am currently in the seedling stage with 45-60 percent RH. I have a dehumidifier and humidifier on standby for any adjustments.

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Then your intake air is to warm. I run a 1000w hps and that gives off heat I have to use my fan on 9 usually so I know a thing or 2 about heat lol you shouldn’t have to worry if its at 76 to 78 you’ll be fine. Just don’t stress out over it as long as it doesn’t go into the 90s all the time you’ll be fine. Over thinking and over worrying doesn’t help any they will do just fine

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It’s an easy fix, you need a new tent! 🥸

Seriously, a Mars Hydro SP3000 is 42 inches long and designed for a full height 2x4 tent, and a ts3000 is 25x23 inches, and would maybe physically fit in the tent, but is a 450 watt light that is designed for a 4x4.

Buy a Mars hydro ts1000 for your 2x2x4 vegging tent and buy an appropriate sized flowering tent for your light.


I apologize it is a 2x4 with a height of 71 inches.

With my cool mist humidifier on it has no problem staying at 72-74. When I shut it off is when it raises to 76-78.I know for seedlings you want a higher RH which is why it’s on but when I go into flower I want to switch to my dehumidifier and keep that 45 percent RH and I worry about the higher 76-78 temps.

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Arnt led lights dimmable? You’ll be golden u don’t have to worry about getting to hot. As long as your not in the 90s you’ll be fine. You can dim it down for seedlings and the start of veg

Yes I have it dimmed now to 30 percent which is roughly 100-110 watts. It is 2 feet away from the seedling sprouts

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You can always raise youre light and increase the power and if you see stretching you can lower the light some again or also I have a 2nd inline fan in my 4x8 that draws fresh cool air into my tent as well as my exhaust that sucks warm air out or drop the temp in your lung room

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I run my tent at 76-78*F veg and flower.
I have had no issues
You will be fine

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I just ordered a ac inifinity 4 in intake fan, will probably duct it right below my power supply and into the floor of the tent to keep the soil cooler

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