Heat burn or nitrogen?

question from a fellow grower

I have a auto flowering haze growing in m3 soil upper leafs are curling
under. temperature under the lights is a high of 79 degrees. at night
it’s a low of 68 degrees. I’m wondering if its nitrogen burn. or heat
PH adjusted water 6.5 , m3 soil added papa’s perfect poop when I switched to flower.
related thanks for any input


is your soil really wet moist? and have you checked your run off ph? a little more info please. looks like early stage potassium or calcium def but more info would help come to better answers

Nitrogen Toxicity - flush for 1 week. One indication of “n” toxicity is the “claw” looking leaves. Nitrogen issues is easy to get, so not to worry Auto’s don’t like nutrient’s as much as other strains; so amounts should be reduced to 1/4 of what is directed. Nutrients using ? Cal-Mag?. soil or temps has nothing to do with your issues; they are just fine